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Firefighter 1 Posted 1 year ago
Hi I am new to this group and live in Kent i am looking to make some new friends and also talk with people with similar interests to me i am interested in the afterlife reincarnation and life after death or anything to do with beliefs
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    • Gaetano 25th June 2021 at 2:15 pm

      Hi Firefighter,

      Thank you so much for joining us at Rest Less and welcome to our Community!

      My name is Gaetano, I am the Customer Service Manager at Rest Less and here to answer any questions you may have about it.

      I see you have used your local group for your post which is great as that allows building new friendships with local Members, that’s great! The other recommendation I can give you is to explore all groups, pick and choose conversations that you may find of interest and pro-actively participate in them: that’s the best way to make new friends in our very friendly community.
      And with your interests there, I’m sure many will be intrigued by your thoughts.

      Please, do share all your feedback with us so that we can understand what you are trying to get from Rest Less and therefore improve our service to you.

      Thank you again and happy posting!