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  • Hi, I am 52 and thinking of moving from the North to the South.

    Has anyone else moved to a different part of the country and how well and what are the ups and downs? I won’t know anyone, but I am sociable.

    Posted by christine.gaylor
    • Reply by Jnet

      Hi! I moved from the west coast of Scotland to the east. I struggled tbh, I missed the natural openness of the West coasters.. that chatting to strangers in a shop/ at a bus stop etc just wasn’t there. I relocated to the west coast again after a few months… and felt I’d come home again.   Where are you moving to?

      • Reply by Kit17

        Love the west coast of Scotland and would love to move there.

    • Reply by Anonymous User

      Hi I did 8 moved 50 miles south from the North.. Nothing has worked out for me. Unfortunately I do not hve the funds to move bk north now feel awful

      • Reply by SuR

        Oh that must be awful for you to go thru that. Especially with the restrictions. I do feel for you…

    • Reply by JoggingJen

      Welcome where are you thinking of moving to. It’s said that northerners are more sociable. Which is probably true in some cases.  If you’re moving near me in herts I’ll make sure you’re made to feel welcome.

    • Reply by StevieT



      Where in to South are you thinking?

      A comment already is about a difference is the how much more socialable people from the North tend to be.

      Also, financially it is a bigger commitment. There are cheaper areas in the South but you might find that there are negative social aspects to those areas – not all (before anyone bites my head off).

      This is coming from someone who grew up close to London but over the years, moved further away from city life for a better quality of life for my children and myself.

    • Reply by beichris

      We are quite friendly here down south despite our reputation. If you come down Hertfordshire way there will be people to welcome you. et us know if you decide to make the move. Good luck!

    • Reply by Marie Elizabeth


      I moved from SW Scotland to Devon at the age of 56. I’ve never looked back. Have made lovely friends and never regretted it. I did it alone and it was quite scary to begin with but people were so kind. Go for it!!


      • Reply by Annavalerie.

        Hi Marie, I am from Newcastle but live in Sheffield.I want to move to Devon, Exeter or Plymouth next year.I love Devon And used to holiday there every year when younger. What part of Devon did u move to.? My Husband also loves Devon.

    • Reply by Steve Trellis

      I moved up north to Nottingham from Portsmouth. I still miss the sea, and I really don’t like being called ‘duck’. It’s not as if I quack !  And it always seems to be raining more that it does down south.

      On a slightly more serious note, it’s very hard to leave friends and family behind.   Covid has served to remind me how isolated you can be when you don’t live at ‘home’.  Good luck !

      • Reply by LeighS

        Yes it does seem to rain quite a lot here in soggy Nottingham 🙂

        • Reply by Steve Trellis

          🙂 I think of rain as northern sunshine now !

        • Reply by LeighS

          Northern sunshine, not so sure about that 🙂 Mind you I remember some pretty heavy rain when I lived in the south!!!!

    • Reply by Mary Catherine

      I am thinking of doing the opposite. I am a northerner. People are friendly wherever you go. I am a northerner and don’t find northerners any more friendly than southerners. It’s personality not regionality.i live Inthe southeast and long for hills and vast spaces as I like outdoors. The weather however is much milder down here and in the east it’s quite dry and sunny.good luck

      • Reply by cloverleaf4

        I agree with that. Moved last year from Gloucs to Northumberland. Some people are naturally friendly whilst others are not so. My experience is it’s about the people themselves not where they are from.

    • Reply by sparrer

      Due to my forces family moved north, south, east, west and overseas. Now settled on the Herts/Beds border and love it here. Wherever you move to you have to go out and meet people, they don’t know you’re there unless you tell them! I’ve made many friends here by joining, volunteering, just being sociable. It tends to rub off and now I speak to or am on nodding terms with several people. I’ve found that smaller towns anywhere are friendlier than the cities. Good luck with your move and I’m sure you’ll be happy wherever you are.

    • Reply by LeighS


      I have moved more times than I care to count including oversees moves. What I would suggest is do your research. Cost of living, whether you want to live in a town or more rurally, that sort of thing. Maybe when it is possible go and visit where you think you might want to live, that way you will be able to see if it is right for you.

      I’m originally from the South but currently live in Nottingham, however I do have lots of happy memories of the South of England 🙂 Still think of myself as a Southern.


    • Reply by SueJ

      I’ve lived all over the world and finally moved from Surrey to Worcestershire. Visit visit visit the area you want to move to, check out volunteering, U3A, things you love to do. Certainly the further south you go the more sunshine you get! Good luck!

    • Reply by Higgs

      If you can rent a place in the area you think you want to live in. Do it for a month or six, this will give you an insight into wether you would enjoy living in the area.
      It does cost more but better than burning your bridges especially as southern housing/living usually costs more.
      Good luck with your new venture.

    • Reply by Compass 360

      You will no regret it.
      Hampshire Recommended 😅
      Palm trees and bananas grow here.

    • Reply by Lanie

      I would like to move to the countryside and live a quiet simple life 😘

    • Reply by juleswalker

      I moved to the East Midlands from the South West 42 years ago and have never regretted it. I married a Yorkshireman and find everyone up here so very friendly. Going back ‘home’ is to visit, never a thought to return. We did Doorstep carols with our neighbours here last night; that would never happen where I grew up. Having said all that, we love holidaying in Dorset, Devon and Cornwall!