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Hi Essex

I’m Neil,a retired social worker.I live in Rochford.!I’m into alternative healthy lifestyle.Mainly TCM via Ear acupuncture,Mindfulness and Essential oils.I reinvented my life in June 2019.I’m not a believer we 65 plus year olds have to submit to the old age expectations in our society.Age is just a number…The mind determines our age…think younger …act younger.Without embarrassment! During my career and since CV 19 came into our World..
I read many posts about the challenges forced upon mental health.Winter+ Dark = Low mood for some.We are in control of our moods…we just have to learn how to tap into US holding the finger on the ON/OFF switch.Easier than you think.So if you want to be in control….not your meds or some weird activities…let’s Be in it together and post and help each other.No judging …just open and honest with care! I look forward to learning TOGETHER!