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  • Hi be kind I’m a newby.

    Posted by Dawn H
    • Reply by Mark1961

      Welcome to the site Dawn,enjoy,promise we will be gentle.lol

    • Reply by Robin

      Where do you live And what are your hobbies and interests

    • Reply by SelsdonLion

      Hi Dawn, we’re always kind to newbies on here 😉 Welcome to the group. Looking forward to seeing your posts and comments.

    • Reply by Newbeth 2001

      And me I’m new too!!

      • Reply by SelsdonLion

        Welcome Newbeth, hope you enjoy the community 😊

    • Reply by starfish

      Hi. Where are you ?

    • Reply by Philgee

      Hello Dawn, and welcome.

    • Reply by Anne 23

      Of course x