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  • Hi. Anyone else joined? Is this site fairly new?

    Hi, I’m Julie from Hertfordshire. Just found this site be emai!. Excited to meet others and find out more regarding this site.

    Posted by julie-lester
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      Hi, Julie I’ve recently joined this group,

      How are you finding it

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      Hi,I’ve recently joined this group

    • Reply by Helen Burns

      Hi Julie and Murray. Nice to meet you both and my apologies for a delay in responding. Rest Less has been around for just under two years and we started the Rest Less Community pages earlier this year. Since then, we’ve been making lots of improvements to the functionality, mainly in response to our members’ suggestions. One of those was to set up some local groups, where people could connect with people closer to home with a view, eventually, to meeting up.  We launched a few weeks ago, got some feedback and then re-launched, so it’s still very early days for the local groups. Like anything, it takes a little while and input to get things flowing, so we’d welcome any ideas about how to get that rolling.

    • Reply by MurrayA

      Hi Julie, think it is fairly new. I’ve only been here for a week or so. Work in progress I would say, I like the concept.

      Are you on the side of Hertfordshire that’s been flooded recently, or like me on the fairly dry part?

      Nice to meet you 🙂

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