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Gary K Posted 3 months ago
Her Name Was Rose by Claire Allan

Finished this for review a couple of days ago. Its well written from the protagonist’s viewpoint. A young woman with one disastrous and abusive relationship under her belt is just about managing to stagger through her life when she allows a mother with a young baby in a pushchair to go ahead of her out of a lift straight onto the pavement. The mother is killed in front of her, hit by a speeding car as she crosses the road, but saves her baby by thrusting the pushchair out of the car’s path. Over the following few weeks, the protagonist inserts herself into the dead woman’s life, but the fact that the death was not the accident it seemed starts to unravel, and she is at risk of mentally unravelling with it.
Very well paced psychological suspense/crime thriller. I correctly guessed the final twist only half way through the penultimate chapter, so it kept me engaged until the end. The wrap up was a bit twee, but didn’t detract from the rest of the narrative. Good read.

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