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  • help!!

    my hubby is showing signs of early onset dementia, but he won,t admit there is a problem Doctor says, as he still has capacity, there is nothing they can do.I have done caring for the past 20 years, so have plenty of experience of people with dementia. He is 65yo.


    Posted by godschild1957
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      My dad has dementia which fortunately was caught early. My parents talked about his perceived issues and eventually went to the doctor. If you phrase the conversation so that he can prove himself right that there is nothing wrong, that might get him off to the doctor. If so try to go with him so that you can voice your concerns. It can be difficult getting that needed diagnosis, but is esential so you can access all the help there is out there. Good luck.

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      If we can talk maybe

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      Hello, have a look at the Alzhiemers Society Talking Point forum. It’s a good place to go for useful information, chat to others in the same boat and feel reassured. I spent a lot of time on there because my Dad has dementia.

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