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  • Help required – a couple of media requests for our members

    Rest Less has been approached by a couple of high profile media organisations, asking for stories and case studies from our members.

    • The first is from a radio station who is looking to speak to anyone in their early 60s who has been made redundant/ furloughed/ or taken a pay cut. It is off the back off research showing that those aged 18-24 and those after 60 have been the worst affected in the current job market. It would be great to highlight the impact the coronavirus is having our our demographic, who are often overlooked in the media.
    • The second is for a leading money magazine looking to investigate some positive legacies of lockdown on peoples work and finances.. i.e are you using digital banking more, have you switched energy supplier for the first time to save costs, or perhaps you are looking to work more flexibly or considering a whole new career change?

    Please contact Helen via email [email protected], letting us know the best number to get you on and which article you’re interested in contributing to.

    Thanks, as always for your support in raising awareness and keeping the conversation alive.

    Posted by Helen Burns