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    I really want to be working and earning again but havnt

    for 10 years and this has been the thing that has put off employers im sure.


    Any advice please?

    Posted by stephenpalmer093
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    • Reply by Margarita

      Hi Stephen,

      a good starting point is to review what your skills and strengths are. Also crucial to know what your passions are. All these insights assist you in identifying potential job areas.

      Warmly, Margarita

    • Reply by jimjazz

      Have you thought of registering with employment agencies? They promise the earth but are generally naff jobs. However, temping can get you a foot in the door and give you a better chance to prove yourself, rather than rely on an outdated CV. Usually in the months leading up to Xmas, when many firms are at their busiest, they are crying out for workers. (But, of course, these are far from normal times.) After so long out of work you might be best advised to accept anything, even if it is unappealing or well outside your normal line of work, just to get back in the game. At least if you are temping you can console yourself knowing you won’t be stuck there too long. Register with half a dozen or more agencies to increase your prospects, visit their websites daily and pounce as soon as anything comes up. Even if nothing comes of this, the process of registering is akin to applying for a “real” job and any interviews are good practice for the real thing.

    • Reply by anitagregory44

      I feel for you. ive been out of work since May. and ive applied for over 300 jobs.  if you wasnt working for long time and it was health related it shouldn’t be a problem as long as your honest. these indeed websites are for posh companies. ive started applying directly to companies. I have to keep trying. I got a college place but dwp wont give me a grant. with this covid BS its even harder to get a job. I apply everyday and next day open emails and its shit. I reply to companies asking why I cant have a chance? its age related! don’t giver up. apply for everything. be more diverse. good luck

    • Reply by Seven

      Hello have you thought about doing some voluntery work first to get use to working again.  Its good that you want to start up again, well done!

    • Reply by Christina

      Hi Stephen,

      google returner programmes/returnship. I joined the women’s returner network a while back. Unfortunately it is for women however, they have a list of companies recruiting experienced people in their returnship programmes. Good luck! Tina

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