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  • Hello Ive not worked full time since 2009 and just cannot get any luck of finding a job.

    My confidence is absolutely shattered and i just dont know what to do now as i would really like to be working and earning again and feel its this gap thats causing the prob.


    Any advice will be appreciated please.

    Posted by stevep
    • Reply by minpen21


      Try Hays Recruitment. They will help you develop your skills. The website has a lot of resources to help people get back to work. You can register and browse and get the help you need.


      Good luck 👍

    • Reply by martin.paine2

      I’ve worked for the same company for 33 years, now unemployed at 58. I have so much to offer, think positive, try different ways to a new career, even try 4 weeks work in something you want to do, without commitment to the employer, just to gain the experience, if it can suit you!

    • Reply by Daz

      Hello Stephen,

      I am also struggling to find a job too. Can I ask what job are u looking for. Royal Mail and the Census are recruiting for temp staff. There are jobs in the care sector ie care worker. Volunteering would be good to get some experience.


    • Reply by Wild Soul

      Hi Stephen I’m Angie I’m 54  i just read your post & can relate so just wanted to reach out as I’m.in the same position, for various reasons  & have’nt worked properly for a good few years & i get bored & v frustrated because as you’ve said i know I’ve still got lots to offer & some good skills picked up from experience & age should be an advantage not a disadvantage really annoys me ( i won’t swear lol ) if you don’t mind me asking what work  did you used to do ?  mine was working with families but ive done lots of other work i got made redundant from a job couple years back which i enjoyed i miss it also because its the social.aspect  i really miss & sometime being unemployed is isolating  i really want to start up some kind of social support to get people talking sharing ideas & info & some socialising  & meet upsi know many people feel isolated for various reasons and it impacts on health mental & physical . Anyway pls feel free to message me Stephen.

      Anyone reading & would be interested pls feel free to message me im very down to earth friendly & completely genuine. Thanks

      Wild Soul ⚘