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  • Hello, I’m Dawn. I am a semi-retired education administrator from Berks and West London originally. My interests include getting out walking/driving around the country. Looking forward to doing more of that especially when the current awful situation permits. Stay safe all.

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      Me again…was happy to put photo up there but it wouldn’t allow! Will try again !!

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      Totally agree it will be nice to explore a bit more of the country when things change. In normal times I like exploring both the UK and abroad.

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        Hi – Just realised I didn’t try to add my photo again. Will do that next task on list!
        I had grand ideas of venturing out into the wider world when work/parental responsibilities/cash allowed but it seems to have been a bit of a year for lots of reasons for everyone hasn’t it? I count my blessings that I have had good health and can start to look ahead a little more hopefully.
        I haven’t travelled widely, but would like to give it a go before too reasons not to gets in the way. You mentioned you have been to Egypt – would love to go to see the treasures etc. Did you find the heat too much at times?

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          It was very hot 44 degrees, but when you are on the Nile it’s lovely. They used to get us out to the tombs early in the morning so we would be back on the ship for lunch time and just chill in the afternoons when it was at it’s hottest. I normally burn in hot sun (fair skin with freckles) but I was fine with the routine they had

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          Hi Dawn, I went on a Nile Cruise from Luxor to Aswan. I can get very hot and the locals constantly beg money, but the experience of the temples was really worth it. didn’t have any health problems, avoid ice in drinks and salads/street food.

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      44! Eek that’s high, I guess I would need to shutdown and recoup on the ship/boat/yacht from noon onwards…sounds like it should go on my to do list. Thanks for advice.