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Just say hello Posted 3 months ago
Hello folks. I thought you would be interested how I photographed a day in the life of Tina turner

It was because I was brave enough to #justsayhello to Tina Turners manager that I got to spend a few days with this amazing women

Twenty years ago I wanted to take a different picture of Elton John so I sneaked backstage at the MTV awards and went to try and find Elton’s dressing room and then I noticed a man I really wanted to meet….

his name was Roger Davis he was the manager of the amazing Tina Turner and he (himself was legend) as he was the young guy in the 1980s who had loved her music since he was a child and then years later he found her in her 50s a struggling black singer ….. this was in the early 1980s before Tina was famous and he who helped inspire her to become the amazing superstar she became.
The reason I wanted to meet him was because ….
I had an idea to photograph Tina in a different way however he was chatting to Madonna and I was thinking … I somehow have to #justsayhello

But what could I say especially as i had sneaked backstage with out a pass try to and photograph a few stars
This was 20 years ago 1997 and I myself was nervous ….
back then I always felt inadequate next to all these famous people I was just a youngish photographer …

” I just said excuse me Roger” and said
Madonna excuse me for interrupting you my name is Duncan I just wanted to thank you for bringing so much joy to zillions of people with your music and I wondered can you possibly spare a minute so I can take a trendy picture of you and Elton John …
she smiled with a glint in her eye and said
“What’s a trendy picture mean”
“Well not you and Elton just standing together I want to take a really sexy picture of you both that will show another side of you both and be published all over the world
… Madonna said ok
You can have 2 minutes in 20 minutes time
Bring Elton to my dressing room and you get your “trendy picture” ok
Roger Davis then said “do you have any ideas to photograph Tina Turner in a trendy way “
And I says well yes.
How about photographing A day in the life of Tina from dawn to dusk from her getting out of bed to going to bed I will be like a fly on her shoulder
He said well that sounds different may be I will run the idea past Tina do you have a card …
20 minutes later I somehow persuaded Elton’s manager to let Elton come to Madonnas dressing room and I took these pictures ….

However I only took these because I was brave enough to sneak backstage and to #justsayhello
And then believe it or not 3 days later I got a call from Tina’s publicist Bernard saying
What are you doing tomorrow as Tina likes your idea and has agreed to you photographing A day in her life
You will need to be at the Ritz hotel tomorrow morning 7 am as we are going to Paris for a day.
I thought he was joking but the next day I was having breakfast with Tina in her bedroom while she was deciding what shoes to wear and then at 8 am we are in her limo zooming to the airport.
All because I said hello !!
Roger David is the guy next to Tina

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