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cravendickens Posted 1 year ago
Hello all, just signed up and no idea what to expect – but who cares! So I am a happily married Dad with an extending family of kids & grandkids. Long career in digital services – web, marketing, client management stuff. Feel free to get in touch.
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    • TonyBrown52 2nd February 2021 at 9:40 pm

      Hi, I’m retired and have been transfixed on story-writing and music, and currently working on a crazy idea of a simplified Titanic musical. That said, I am keen to build some more slide show videos. Having used Photodex ProShow Gold for years I’m very disappointed that they have folded and the new company wants £100 or so per annum. That’s far to steep for me so I have today downloaded Photostage – a freebie. Just wondering if you’ve made videos or slide-show software in the past. Anywayt .. over to you, regards, Tony

    • Ginny65 3rd February 2021 at 8:40 am

      Hi. I’ve recently retired and my husband retired this summer. We are both under 60 and had planned to travel. Our eldest daughter lives in Australia and so she was t be our first stop then into NZ. Plans now in abatement.
      Like you don’t quite know where the invitation came from but curiosity got me and I signed up. Still not quite sure what it’s all about though.
      I am taking a creative writing course and hope to write a book. I’m dabbling in arty things, running/walking, Pilates and generally keeping fit and filling my time. It’s strange to suddenly have time to do all those things you wanted to do and not have any structure to your week. 4 weeks in and I’m finding it hard to adjust after working in a very structured environment.
      I’m rambling but hey nice to ‘meet’ you.