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  • Hello all , hope your keeping well, i have 3 lovely grown up kids and a lovely sister, i like to keep active but finding ways in which to do this is difficult. Can anyone suggest something , as there doesn’t appear to many over 50 keep fit anymore

    Posted by Anonymous User
    • Reply by Vixster

      Hi I expect there’s not much doing for another few weeks but soon I’m sure. My local council has over 50s exercise classes at all the leisure centers. The university of the third life seems to have a range of activities but again nothing doing until we’re allowed to open up again but worth checking what might be happening in your locality. Also if you go on http://www.do-it.org you can find voluntary activities that include active things like gardening, maintaining forests etc. The Ramblers meet up regularly for walks and finally, what about a dog?? Just a few ideas for you.

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        Thanks for the above, my local council have been closing community centers , only interested in building flats..there’s not a lot going on in billericay…ur lucky to have a good council

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          Our council is rubbish – they gave £10million to the bloke who ran the local football team (supposedly to redevelop the land around it) and he’s now bankrupt. I really hope they get voted out in May!

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      Hi Onthehill, I wouldn’t worry about finding an over 50s fitness club, most advertise as suitable for all fitness levels and the instructor will offer different versions of exercises for different ability levels. They will also take into account any injuries or other problems you may have.
      I started Pilates aged 60 (to help with a lower back problem) and then went on to yoga, strength and cardio.
      Are you looking for online classes or face to face (when allowed)?

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        Hi andy, looking for face to face need interaction..been doing on line exercises they have been my main stay during these covid times..

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      I think face to face is going to be possible from 17th May so not too long to wait.
      Maybe find somewhere you think would be suitable from 17th May and see if they’re running online at the moment. Quite a few have had to to survive.
      I’ve added a link to a website I’ve used to find classes near me. Hope this is useful.


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        Thankyou, ill give that a go 👍

        • Reply by SelsdonLion

          If you like yoga, there are a few places that run classes for 60+

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          I have tried it a couple of times my balance isn’t good i love the idea of beach yoga which my daughter inlaw does but it’s a young group

    • Reply by Ian1964

      I started HIT training aged 54- wasn’t sure if I was to old but loved it, small groups so it’s very similar to personal training, work at your own level. Classes always varied so enjoyable albeit you do work hard. Mind you on saying all that I haven’t been for 12 months.

      If you google cross fit/HIT training in your area then you may be surprised at what’s out there.

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        Thanks, but I tried hit with Joe wicks, found it quite hard, i follow a lady on youtube over 50s she does loads of different exercises,, her name is schellea fowler mainly aimed at women but men can do these too. I am looking to do exercises outdoors in a group that are manageable

    • Reply by Chaik

      It would depend on the relationship you have with your children…but , you have supported them .. a mother is unique in this world, its their turn and it includes you. Have a chat with one of them?

    • Reply by Eve Forbes

      Hello. If you would like to try /or have done yoga, I can recommend two groups. They work on line as well as in indoor/outdoor meetings. They are Kaleidoscope Yoga, Newcastle, UK and The Modern Yoga, Newcastle, UK. If you google them you will find time tables and prices. All you need is a mat at home. The Modern Yoga has all types of yoga including beginners classes. Like you, I have grandchildren and yoga, gardening and cooking keep me as active as I want to be at 71. Good luck.

    • Reply by TracieB

      Lucy Wyndham Read on you tube. 7 mins of exercise that give great results. We all have 7 mins!

    • Reply by Anonymous User

      Yes i do 5, 10 and 15 mins i follow schelea fowler she’s brilliant, , i mostly want towirk out with others outdoors in my area

    • Reply by Chi

      I started running during lockdown#1. Always used to find excuses to stop (still do now!) but followed the Couch to 5k program (BBC app) and now try to do 5-10k every 2-3 days. Joined a local running group and really enjoy the small group runs we can now do. Great for mental and physical wellbeing. If your knees can’t take the pounding then active walking is brilliant, again now OK for small groups or bigger if organised like with the Ramblers.