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spooky Posted 9 months ago
Healing hands

Does anyone believe that some people can heal others with their hands – when i was in my teens i used to suffer a lot with my shoulder – in fact sometimes i was in agony ! creams , sprays and painkillers brought some relief for just a short time but the pain would come back with a vengeance ! My doctor put it down to growing pains and then one day my friend Orah who i had grown up since we were toddlers told me she would massage my shoulder during the time i was going though a very bad episode – within seconds of massaging my shoulder the pain was gone ! but the strangest part was that not only did the pain go but it stayed away for quite a long time after which is something that had never done before – Orah has since passed away and i have many happy memories of her but was she a healer – i say she was !

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