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Alan69 Posted 9 months ago
He has a point.

I went to a pub yesterday evening and ordered a pint. As the landlord put my drink down, I asked him for the wifi code because I needed to check a message.

“Oh no” he said, “No wifi in here, people used to sit talking in pubs, about their day, their families, work, politics, music, the lot. Now people just stare at their phones and it breaks my heart to see. Therefore, no wifi in this pub.”

“You know what?” I replied, “You’re right” and I put my phone away.

“Thank you”, the landlord said “In this pub I want you to act as you would twenty years ago”.

So I lit a cigarette, gave him 50p for the pint and said “Two can play at that game mate.” 😆😆😆

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