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  • Have you saved yourself time and money by learning some practical DIY skills?

    DIY skills can include everything from learning how to hang a picture, through to learning how to cut your own hair. Learning these skills can not only save you time and money, but it can also be fun and rewarding.

    Has anyone been able to save themselves time and money by learning some new DIY skills? If so what are they? And how did you go about learning these skills?

    Posted by Elise
    • Reply by Optimistic

      I certainly have, I have managed to take the carpet up and sand down the floorboards in my bedroom then paint it from it from top to bottom… very tiring but totally satisfying

    • Reply by Julespoppy01-

      I’d like to learn some hair cutting and colouring skills

    • Reply by CELIA

      I have also bought a light weight electric drill/screwdriver and put some new hangers in the understairs cupboard.

    • Reply by CELIA

      I have emulsion painted my bedroom, never painted indoors before I was widowed, only painted shed and fence. Feeling quite smug

      • Reply by ArtyFartyAngie

        Well done. It can be quite daunting just thinking about it. But YouTube can be a great tool for watching little videos and building confidence. ๐Ÿ˜Š.

    • Reply by ls2116

      Does learning how to replace a hard drive in a desktop computer count? In order to know how to do it I had use another computer to access the internet and also order a new hard drive. We have a saying in our household “You need a computer to fix a computer”!!!

      Fortunately the way the computer was set up the data was on one hard drive and the operating system on the other and it was the one with operating system that failed. The other saving grace about that particular incident was that I do regularly back up all the data, so even if the data drive had failed I would have only lost a little bit. I wouldn’t say it was fun, but it did save me money.

      • Reply by CELIA

        Gosh thats impressive, i still cant figure out how to make my yoga teacher hear me on ZOOM classes, I am not on mute, honest

        • Reply by ls2116

          I am still trying to figure out Zoom and Windows 10 ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Reply by alisona30

      I have, Iโ€™ve been a painter & decorator for 21 years ๐Ÿค—

    • Reply by mark-e-mark

      Funnily enough, Elise – I used a trick mentioned in the Rest Less “tips and tricks” article last night. A few weeks ago, I put a massive scratch in the wooden floor in our hall when moving a heavy box which happened to have a staple sticking out. I rubbed the scratch with a walnut as advised – whilst it’s not covered up the worst parts of the scratch, there are a couple of areas where it’s actually now less noticeable!