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  • Have you ever been made redundant?

    Do you think being made redundant now means it is more or less likely you will find a job than if you had been made redundant a year ago?

    Posted by ginamann13
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    • Reply by jaylucy

      I was made redundant at the age of 57, 5 years ago and since then have only had a temp job for 7 months during that time.

      Quite honestly, I don’t think it matters when you get made redundant – last year or this – there is a lot of ageism out there from employers, despite various people telling you “you have lots of experience and they will be happy to employ you” along with the old chestnut “It’s illegal to discriminate over age”

      I have gained many interviews and you either never hear from them again or if you ask for feedback , it’s “you are over qualified”  We are not sure that you will be a good fit in our team” and “We really need someone that we can train from the lowest level up” (despite the fact that you have quite clearly said that being retrained would be absolutely no problem or that you enjoyed learning something new!

      Sorry to be a downer, but my suggestion is that you all decide to set up your own business, rather than face the degrading prospect of job refusals! Just make sure you grab whatever training courses are offered first!

    • Reply by njmonaghan

      Hi there. Unfortunately, I’ve had the personal misfortune of four unexpected redundancies over the past 12 years. Based on the current (and projected) increase in unemployment levels, it certainly looks like that it will become ever more challenging to find a new job. Having said that, whilst the jobs market as a whole is heading in the wrong direction, there are some sectors which are currently very active. Healthcare and logistics are two good examples. However, more generally, it’s a tough and challenging marketplace and it looks like it’s going to get even tougher.

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