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  • Has anyone used HelloFresh, Gousto or alternative?

    We’ve been getting them recently and have been loving them. Firstly it’s got us cooking things we didn’t know before – it’s so easy to stick to tried and tested stuff that gets boring, especially if you only have evenings free. I’ve learned quite a lot of tips, too – e.g. did you know you can really easily peel ginger using a teaspoon?!

    It’s also really efficient – you get 100% of the ingredients you need, no more or less. So you’re not buying random things that you use once, put in the cupboard or fridge and never get round to using again.

    Interested to see if any of you have tried these or any alternatives – and what you think?

    Posted by mark-e-mark
    • Reply by Hackcynthia98

      Hello! We used them in the US bf moving to the UK for work two months ago

      received my first box today ! It is about half the cost compared to US costs

    • Reply by Merse1806

      Just an update Hellow Fresh delivered on Wednesday I cooked one Thursday evening, got it wrong!! Recipe was not that clear and when so much was going on (Nigella and other chefs make it look easy on tbe telly!) Anyway I burnt the rice and mixed the wrong sachet with the mince but decide everything has to be mixed at some point before presenting on the plate!!!

      But in the end it was very tasty

      I will eat this week but have suspended further weeks

      • Reply by Compass 360

        Waste of rations 🤣

    • Reply by marmaladekitty010

      I have tried hellofresh. I thought it was good for trying something different. all ingredients there but I feel a little bit pricey. Abel and Cole are my favourite by far pricey but good always excellent fresh ingredients

    • Reply by aphrodite.dds

      Hi I have often looked at these home cook boxes. I think i am going to try the gousto box as i have been vegetarian since February whilst husband and daughter are not.

      • Reply by mark-e-mark

        Interested to hear how you find it – Gousto is what we get now and I tend to find it more reliable than HelloFresh, where often we’d have ingredients missing.

        Might I also ask what led you to go vegetarian? Having watched Attenborough’s documentary, we’re cutting down on meat. How have you found it so far? If you have any good recipes, we’re on the lookout for ideas…

        • Reply by Hackcynthia98

          Oh I am a vegetarian or 39 yrs and hubby is kot

          Just moved to the UK and never heard of Gousto? Do you happen to have a referral link?

    • Reply by Ceebes1

      Yes but the local farm shops are much better and they have online delivery

      • Reply by Compass 360

        Yes definitely 👍

    • Reply by Liz17

      I’ve used both but mostly Gousto. I find them really good. You get everything you need to make the meals which means when I get in from work there’s no having to think about ingredients, they’re all there ready to go (you may need some basics like oil, water, salt).

      I found Hello Fresh portions were bigger but Gousto has a better choice of recipes.

    • Reply by Emmy

      I used Hello Fresh for almost a year. The recipes are excellent and the portion sizes are good, however i have found that there have been bits missing over the last few months and the quality of the meat/fish has gone down hill. I sometimes still have the vegetarian options.

    • Reply by Julia10

      Hi, I have used both since Lockdown 1 and they have been great.  Would recommend either or both.

    • Reply by starlight

      I have used HelloFresh and the meals were excellent,  my biggest problem was the amount of packaging that was used for each meal.

    • Reply by Fiona B

      I am a huge fan of Gousto. My sister in law introduced me to it which gave me a big discount on my first order. Initially, I was a bit reluctant and couldn’t really see the point. However, I became hooked quite quickly. It is very easy indeed not having to meal plan and shop. It is also great not to have to buy an occasional ingredient, which then gets left at the back of the cupboard. There is no waste, there is a good choice, and the meals are mostly delicious. The only downside is that I sometimes find the quantities of meat/fish/chicken can be quite small, but perhaps that is not such a bad thing.

    • Reply by alisonjibson

      I really liked Hello Fresh in lockdown but you do have to pick your recipes quite far in advance and often the situation would change re no of people requiring a meal. Also you have to commit to 3 and use them according to the sell by date so a little inflexible. The meals are very good though and high quality ingredients.

    • Reply by Juliebeveaston

      We used Hello Fresh as a family of 5 for months and really enjoyed the experience.
      It gave us the chance to look at eating less meat during the week and took all the effort out of finding easy to use vegetarian recipes and ingredients. The portion sizes were excellent so we often had left overs to keep hungry Teens going the next day.
      we’re on a break at the moment as the family has reduced. Would recommend people give it a try.

    • Reply by Anonymous User

      Using Simply Food. Only the ingredients arrive so you can choose when you wish to use them. Interesting recipes and no waste. You only buy the meat/veg when you are going to cook.

      Also they suggest quantities for 2 or 4 people

    • Reply by Grizzlyneil

      Use hello fresh quite often, but only until the signed up offer expires, then wait till they send you new offers or use another email address

    • Reply by Merse1806

      I have won a 50% discount for my first order so have given it a go. A friend has said its great menu changes every week you get a bag of ingredients and a recipe so have to cook yourself. I have issue with buying all the different spices etc so this will give it to me in a single bag so hope it’s good.


      • Reply by mark-e-mark

        Hope you enjoy it Merse1806. The reason we tried it originally was difficulties with buying basic food during Lockdown 1. Now we’re in Lockdown 2 🙁 I’ll be glad to continue getting enough ingredients to make a full meal! Maybe they should start delivering toilet rolls, flour and baked beans, too….!