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  • Has anyone learnt a new creative skill recently?

    What creative skills have you learned recently? Are you enjoying it? What prompted you to get started, and how did you go about it?

    Posted by Team Rest Less
    • Reply by Angie…141258

      I have learnt how to make my own wreath, my own candles and Christmas snowman. Learnt all of this through Halton Carers.

    • Reply by Vanessa Hill

      Yes started ‘diamond painting’ less exacting than cross stitch but similar principles, look it up on Google.

    • Reply by Adeline

      Can cooking be called a creative skill from someone who can’t cook, won’t cook? 😀

      Due to lockdown I had no choice but to learn from YouTube videos how to prepare simple dishes from the Far East. Sometimes I had to adapt them when I can’t find the ingredients..

      As my confidence grows, I’m enjoying cooking a bit more. 😀

      • Reply by dave_mcara

        Cooking is probably one of the most creative and satisfying competencies that we can have – it fulfils so may of our human needs. I’m so glad that you’re enjoying your new-found skills – what next? Masterchef?!

        • Reply by Adeline

          Hi Dave thanks for the endorsement and the Masterchef suggestion. Something to aim for. No not really. 😀

          Most of my friends are great cooks. Next up would be to see if my food will pass their discerning palates.

          Are you someone who likes food? Likes to cook?

        • Reply by dave_mcara

          Hi Adeline – Masterchef was very ‘tongue-in-cheek’ but hey, we can all aspire!

          I enjoy cooking and I’d like to think that I’m reasonably accomplished as, having travelled widely over many years, I like to experiment with the foods and tastes that I have enjoyed during those times. My family haven’t complained so it keeps me enthused

    • Reply by HappyRachel

      When I retired at the end of last year, one of my big ‘to dos’ was to do more crafting and take some art classes. However, I didn’t realise how much this would take over my life due to lockdown! My main obsessions have been zentangle (I had done a couple of classes beforehand but I became completely obsessed) and then I really got into general mixed media art mainly from online classes and YouTube demos. Recently I signed up to a year long art and well-being course called Life Book which starts on 1 January online. I wish I’d discovered art earlier….

      • Reply by EveD

        What is zentangle?

        • Reply by HappyRachel

          Hi there. Zentangling is (I think) a bit like structured doodling, although most zentangle artists don’t like it being compared to doodling. It is drawing designs in structured repeated patterns, usually within outlines you have made for yourself. I’m not explaining it well, but you can go to zentangle.com for a better idea. It is incredibly absorbing and relaxing. Here are some of my zentangle designs

        • Reply by EveD

          That’s fascinating – thanks. I’ll have a look and maybe have a go. Love your designs.

    • Reply by Ragdoll

      I have always made things. I enjoy making things from Cardboard and anything else that might be lying around. During normal times i teach dance, i made a copy of the beautiful house where i teach from cardboard, well from the box my new desk came in + an Amazon box

      • Reply by Liz 57

        Wow, this is amazing, so much detailing.

    • Reply by Margaret B

      I was given some knitting wool and needles and although I have not done any knitting for about 40 years, I soon got back into it and am thoroughly enjoying it! Also it is good for helping ease my Arthritis in my hands.

    • Reply by Paul_RPX

      Yes – been learning speed reading! Recommend “Limitless” by Jim Kwik – on accelerated learning techniques. Never too late to learn new skills.

    • Reply by Chocca

      When my wife was in hospital and I had some time on my hands, I came across a video of people making various things out of lollipop sticks. So I bought some and had a go. This has then led me onto various other things working with wood, making my own candles and printing onto mugs. Initially buying the various pieces of equipment was a little expensive, but you can sell the things you make. I also have a laser engraver from which I can do various things.

    • Reply by ArtistAngela

      Rather than learning a new art or craft skill, I have been learning/fine-tuning my video, editing and computer skills to create online art teaching programmes to help others to learn a new art skill . . . check out the free taster package “Introduction to Painting Landscapes in Acrylics” https://you-can-draw-and-paint.thinkific.com

    • Reply by Sue Gibson

      I have been making unique keepsake greeting cards for the past year, and even started selling a few

    • Reply by Chrissie of the island

      I have been trying to teach myself to crochet but I am not finding it as easy as I expected . Struggling to know how to hold the wool with my left hand. I have watched a lot of youtube videos but everyone seems to do it differently.

    • Reply by Lovetohelp

      Wow all these are amazing. I’ve just been cooking a lot more healthy new vegetarian recipes, with my son. Actually enjoying it now. 🤣

    • Reply by Vk57

      I have been getting into photography and really enjoying it , I have discovered I seem to have a good eye, have also been doing other creative things in my craft club with friends via zoom .

    • Reply by Danny

      I did an online TEFL course (teavhing English as a foreign language) i’ve now taught some local refigees’ to speak ,& write better.

    • Reply by Annella

      Playing with Audacity sound editing and having fun recording poetry and throwing my mouse across the room.


    • Reply by Freewoman59

      Retired just before the first lockdown so had lots of time !I have done some upcycling of a chest of drawers and dressing table and I’m really pleased with the results I may have an artistic phase yet ! I’ve also rediscovered knitting and crochet and have been loving the garden.