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  • Has anyone had any luck on dating on here is it a rare genuine site coz in the past I’ve joined dating sites and not had a good experience

    Posted by Dave the poet 1970
    • Reply by Anonymous User (no longer active)

      Hi Dave, I’ve not plucked up the courage yet to try the dating bit. I stupidly tried POF last year and it scared the bejasus out of me! I’m seriously considering applying for the next series of The Undateables. Good luck anyway, sorry I’ve been zero help LOL!

      • Reply by Dave the poet 1970

        Thank you 😊
        I tried POF and a few others they’re all pretty much the same disaster story I was told it’s better to use pay dating apps as more serious people are willing to pay to find someone that really wants a relationship not just a fling or but on the side

        • Reply by Anonymous User (no longer active)

          Yes, that did seem to be the general opinion in another thread. Someone also said that a lot of sites seem to be affiliated with each other and your profile can somehow appear on other sites without your knowledge. It all seems a bit of a minefield and being a canny Jock I’m wary about parting with any money. I’m sure some clever person will come along soon and give you some useful advice, there was another thread a while ago with some very good discussion.

        • Reply by Dave the poet 1970

          I’m wary of parting with money on these sites just because you hear so many bad stories of awful experiences and to be honest I’ve been fooled before luckily I’ve realised before giving bank details or sending money from my bank to people on the sites with fake profiles
          So you have helped me you’ve made me think about it more now 😊

        • Reply by loislane

          The restless dating site might be ok, bit dear, but I saw many who were on at least three other sites.
          Never send money to anyone is the rule even if they seem genuine, anyone who hints or asks for money isn’t true.
          I had a man try to offer me a car or money to buy one when I wrote mine off, I had been messaging for a while, he asked me to send my bank details more than once, I refused.
          He even gave me his email because he was taking a break, guess what, never heard from him again, so I think he was a scammer.
          I came off the site, went to join restless til I saw the same ones on it and I decided not to join.
          Good luck if you join.

        • Reply by Dave the poet 1970

          Scammers are everywhere online these days but it seems to be the way forward for dating or at least meeting people
          I’ve made a profile on it but not subscribed and I’m not sure yet if I will

        • Reply by loislane

          That’s what I did then decided not to join

        • Reply by Anonymous User (no longer active)

          So the dating site on here is subscription? I didn’t realise there was a charge. I tried dating sites many years ago not sure they’re best way of finding anyone too many scammers which is sad.

        • Reply by Dave the poet 1970

          Yes it’s a subscription site
          Scammers and fakes seem to get on all of the sites these days maybe paying will get less of them but I’m still unsure

        • Reply by loislane

          The dating forum is for discussion, but a lot mistake it for free dating, the restless dating is a paid site

    • Reply by Good ol Sussex Boy

      Hi Dave.
      I felt pretty much the same as you but dipped my toe in the water and signed up for the free service, was pleasantly surprised and had chats with and met some lovely ladies. And yes my profile did seem to pop up on affiliated sites although I only ever actually signed up to Restless.
      Eventually paid for one month and can happily report that it was quite possibly the best £30 I ever spent as I have met a wonderful girl and I have high hopes for the future.
      Go into it with your eyes open, be positive and see where it takes you.
      In short, you really have nothing to lose and may have a lot of fun along the way.
      Good luck!

      • Reply by Dave the poet 1970

        Thank you
        That is really good to know
        I’m glad you met someone good luck for the future 😊

        • Reply by Lookingtothefuture

          Choose carefully.
          It is quite a minefield
          Good luck .
          I hope you find someone .

      • Reply by loislane

        There is no free dating site on here, you’re talking about the DM messaging aren’t you?
        On Restless dating if you don’t subscribe, then you can only send one liners.
        But people are mistaking the dating forum on here as a trial dating, the rules are clear.
        In fact, there are some not so nice men on here who think it’s fun to chat up as many women as they can.

    • Reply by Marie. 1

      I to have been thinking about it on the Restless dating not sure what to do sat on the fence right now

      • Reply by Dave the poet 1970

        I’m still not sure but i have made the profile i just haven’t subscribed yet

    • Reply by Suziku

      Via Restless I had one date with a chap who’d joined via another site and was a premium subscriber. Btw, it’s mainly one company, The Dating Lab, with different ‘front’ pages. First date, didn’t happen as he was genuinely stuck on the motorway. 2nd date very successful and when he contacted me for a 3rd, I gave him 2 date options which were a few weeks ahead but I had a lot of personal appointments and a short break planned which I thought I’d mentioned to him. We agreed a date but a few days before, he cancelled and from odd comments it was being available when it suited him, was more important than being a suitable match. Not the first time this has happened to me. They all seem to like that I have a full life and interests, just as long as I put them first. I’ve decided that I prefer to be ‘alone’ as I’m definitely not lonely.

      • Reply by Dave the poet 1970

        I’m glad you know what you want and enjoy being single it makes life easier for you I’m kind of ok with being single too but still on occasion feel that something or someone is missing

        • Reply by loislane

          I know what you mean by someone missing.
          I’ve met a few wrong ones and I’m wary now.

        • Reply by Dave the poet 1970

          I’ve met my share of them too and for some time I was convinced that I am meant to be single forever but I dunno maybe one day 😬

    • Reply by Millybee

      I have been separated for 9 months now & want to try the dating online thing but very wary. I joined a site for 2 weeks & got my money back because I wasn’t getting any people contacting me from Scotland, most people seem to be from down south. Another problem was I asked to see people age 50 to 58 & I was getting sent profiles of age 65 plus.

      • Reply by Dave the poet 1970

        When I first tried online dating a few years ago I had a similar issue most of my matches were in America or other overseas countries I don’t think the ladies from Great Britain like me lol

    • Reply by Marie. 1

      Not really tried yet some say waste of money for same reason as you and others had success so who knows

      • Reply by Dave the poet 1970

        I think it’s just a case of some are lucky on these sites and some are not

    • Reply by Marie. 1

      That does seem to be the case, will have to have a think and do a bit of research I think before dipping my toe in the water

      • Reply by Dave the poet 1970

        Good luck
        I’m still thinking about it I’ll probably still be thinking about it in a week lol

    • Reply by Jojo15

      I’ve tried the restless site. It is linked to many others and like all online dating is a bit hit and miss. I thinks it’s important to be wary, but seems like the only way to meet someone lately. I would say the paid sites are better, but I’ve met people with photos that are 15 years out of date and have lied about their age. I guess just make sure people are who they say they are before you meet up with them. Good luck!

      • Reply by Dave the poet 1970

        Thank you I am going to think very seriously about it now 😊

    • Reply by Paul_

      Have used POF, Rest Less dating, dateline, etc…!

      I think the only benefit from paid dating sites is the fakes tend not to want to part with their money.

      That said, I think the main problem with any dating sites these days are the fake profiles created by the companies themselves, as well as pictures easily downloaded from Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc, etc…

      If you don’t get a reply, most people would just assume the other person wasn’t interested, but it’s possibly because the other person didn’t exist in the first place because it was a fake profile.

      Whenever money is involved, there will always be someone who finds ways to extort it from innocent people, especially if they know there’s little chance of being found out!

    • Reply by Chrisdmids

      No, in my experience the people on there are their for a reason. Not good when you talk to someone for a while and agree you both want a relationship so you meet and they just want sex or someone to pay there bills. Watch dating is fucked my Nicole Arbour in YouTube. Funny but true.

    • Reply by Nezza42

      Rest Less Dating uses “The DatingLab” service, as do many other sites.

      The profiles you see may not be from people who have signed up through Rest Less Dating. My first “date” was with someone who had signed up to The Telegraph’s dating service.

      I see this as a bonus, it means you’re not limited only to people who have signed on through the same site as you have.

    • Reply by Dennis

      Having not been in the dating game for 17 years I recently took the plunge and joined pof, what an eye opener!,

      My first message was from a scantily clad 75 year old who’s opening line was ‘hello handsome’

      Couldn’t believe someone that age would still be active in that area?

      Anyway we’re on our third date tomorrow, it’s been going well…😉