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  • Has anyone got tips for sanding down skirting boards? Bit tough on the knees


    Posted by Wendyanne
    • Reply by Somethingshort

      A light sanding, then filling…..then a good undercoat and your top coat.  Or if you want to cheat and for speed, but not longevity – A light sanding…..and a water based top coat. (This gets knocked and scuffed though)


      I got fed up of painting my skirting boards white. They were always painted white weren’t they. Why? One day I used a vinyl silk on the walls in the bathroom and continued it downwards onto the skirting boards. It blends in. It’s seamless.  It is standing the test of time…..and I don’t have that fiddly painting of white skirting boards any more – changing the paint from the walls (emulsion) to gloss (skirting boards)….now I just cheat and do it in one seamless colour. It works for me.

      Also Wendyanne…..use your garden kneeler.

      • Reply by Wendyanne

        Thanks for your advice. They are done now, but I like your idea about continuing the colour of the walls down onto the skirting board. I have another room to do so I might give it a go! Have a good day

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      If you have access to a battery sander and a low stool, skirting boards typically only need a light sanding. Use ready made filler for any gaps between skirting board and wall. Wipe it in with a damp sponge. This will avoid any need for further sanding. Vacuum and leave to dry. Use good quality paint. Try a roller and paint guard. The roller can be a small radiator roller on extended arm. Save the knees.


      • Reply by Wendyanne

        Many thanks

    • Reply by Anonymous User

      In my experience sandpaper works so much better than knees.

      Or have I misunderstood?

    • Reply by Joan

      If you can take them off and plain them