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  • Has anyone divorced at 50 with young children?

    I would like the next 10 years to matter which at the moment just in not happening.  I would like to divorce (My husband is lovely but I don’t love him) and move my two young children 11 and 13 back to my home county east coast from the South West. I have no money! I would love to hear from someone who may have done such a thing or do you just stay stuck in a comfortable situation for six years knowing I will need to start again at sixty?

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      I hear your frustration and anger. Believe you and me, I have been there but I have been in your place. I’m 60 and with two teenage children. Got divorced a year ago and although it was acrimonious (you tell me a divorce that isnt acrimonious). I managed to get out of a 21 year marriage. I survived and you can too. At the moment, I am being furloughed which is tough and now the ex has seized the opportunity to use the virus as an excuse to break the joint custody. PERFECT BLOODY TIMING!!!!!!. Communicate, yes I’ve done all those things, but do you know what. The teenagers will realise one day, that they need mum as well as dad. But in the meantime, it is my first real experience of being on my own, discovering who I am as a person, sure I’m mum, sure I’m a sister, stepmother and auntie. But what happened to me, I forgot her and now I’m discovering what I want out of life!!!!! You will get there and survive, it’s not easy on your own. But I try new things like cycling, yoga and trying my own recipes in cooking while this virus is around us. In time, you will need to do what is important to you and enjoy your life. Teenagers will leave the home nest, dont live your life through your children. You live for you and enjoy discovering who you are. Lots of peace, harmony and keep safe. IF ANYONE ELSE WHATS TO TALK ABOUT THEIR DIVORCE, CHILDREN AND CUSTODY. LET ME KNOW, I AM HERE TO HELP 😊❤😊

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