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    Has anyone got any time saving or money saving hacks to share? I heard one on the radio which I thought was clever.  “Sleep in a quilt cover after a spray tan and you won’t get it on the sheets “

    Posted by Sue
    • Reply by Somethingshort

      Time saving…..

      Use a flannel to absorb water off your body after a shower before getting out…..and then use your towel. I rarely have damp towels hanging around my bathroom.

    • Reply by Team Rest Less

      Thanks Sue!   We love a good hack to make life easier – so much so that Elise wrote a piece on them earlier in the year….

      You can read them here – and we’d love to hear your thoughts and any other suggestions for hacks!

      Have a lovely evening



      • Reply by Sue

        Just looked through the hacks very impressed will definition try some