Home Forums Health Good morning, just wondered what healthy breakfast for these warm sultry days? Thanks.

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  • Good morning, just wondered what healthy breakfast for these warm sultry days? Thanks.


    Posted by prestonsal
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    • Reply by dawnkane70

      Mix porridge oats or muesli with cold milk and leave in fridge over night, follow or a yogurt before is a cool soothing breakfast which is also filling for the morning as oats are slow release carbohydrates.

    • Reply by Jude

      I’ve been on a well known diet plan for a good few months now, lost almost 2 stone  My favourite breakfast is 40g porridge oats made up with hot milk, topped with an apple, a pear and a healthy dollop of fat free set yogurt. Fills me right up for a busy morning.

    • Reply by dahaward

      An advocate on toast with a poached egg on top if filling


    • Reply by joanna.bookgirl

      The other morning we had no bread so I spread lashings of Philadelphia on rice cakes and sliced up juicy dried figs and chopped walnuts and drizzled a wee bit of honey then sprinkled a little finely chopped tender rosemary leaves.  It was gorgeous in the garden with a lovely flat white coffee.

    • Reply by scott69sw

      Hi, not sure if this is allowed or not but here is a link to a 28 day eating plan. https://glow-fit.co.uk/first-steps-plan/ it includes a different breakfast, lunch and dinner for each day of the plan. It normally costs £28 but if you use the code GLOWFSM it is free. Lots of choice and something for everyone

    • Reply by lizjane2.es


      If you’re not a vegetarian but might consider avoiding meat some days, try mashing up tofu, the firm Tofoo brand also has a smoked version..Either mash with a fork or try slices, dip in BBQ sauce? ..you can dry fry or use a oil spray for onion, pepper, mushroom, tomatoes fresh/ in oil, then add the mashed or sliced tofu. Stir and cook thru..have a fried or sliced boiled egg, toast, tortilla, sliced avocado.

      It makes a protein rich meal, with saled, fried sliced potato..really anything..even baked beans!  It can be light for an early breakfast, add more ingredients for brunch…try different combinations…and enjoying yourself!

    • Reply by sallyashford.glos

      Good morning

      I make my own Granola and have this with some Greek Yoghurt and raspberries. I also have a small glass of cranberry juice. I find this a refreshing start to a hot day. There are loads of recipes for home made Granola on the internet. At least you know what’s in it and it’s really satisfying making your own, delicious too.

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