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  • From the seeds of lockdown….

    …what have you been growing?

    Like many, the pandemic left me searching for ways to get closer to nature. Cue our first attempt at growing anything in many years….

    Expectations were low, but particularly proud of the peppers – grown from seeds from a supermarket pepper at the start of lockdown.  Not so inspired by the carrots, more work to be done on those next year!

    Would love to see what others have been growing and any tips!


    1. 20200906_173958-1-scaled.jpg

    2. 20200906_130605-1-scaled.jpg

    3. 20200829_123800-1-scaled.jpg

    Posted by Stuart
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    • Reply by larry

      I have an allotment and enjoy it very much- i tend to grow a lot of cut flowers- sweet peas, chrysanthemums, dahlias, gladioli etc I do grow quite a bit of veg and try lettuce- sowing a pinch of a packet at three week intervals from April through to autumn gives you a steady supply for salads- ‘Salad Bowl’ is a great variety and they are a doddle to grow. Carrots are a pain and unless you are going to spend a lot of time preparing the ground really well what you got in your picture is about what you will get all the time.

      Perpetual spinach is worth a go -again will grow anywhere and just keep cutting as it grows to keep the leaves tender- they are great simply in a salad or just boiled for a minute with butter.

      My allotment has helped me a lot over the last four years and its good to have something which is far from a certainty. Its nice that you do exactly the same thing one year as another but end up with completely different outcomes.

      Keep it going -i convince myself that my veg tastes 100 times better than you can buy- i don’t think its true but i like to think it is!

      • Reply by Stuart

        Thanks Larry – I totally agree with your point about nature being uncertain, I think that’s one of its great draws to me – it reminds me that we can’t control everything, no matter how much we’d like to.

        I made such a novice error with my salad and radishes this year – I sowed them all at the same time so had 100 radishes all coming ready in the same two week period, and then nothing for the rest of the season!   Next year will definitely do the interval sowing to give us a regular crop throughout the season.

        Have a lovely sunday!

    • Reply by Helen Burns

      That is a sad carrot, indeed. The peppers, however, are beauties and it’s reassuring to know that seeds from peppers from supermarkets do actually grow into real vegetables!

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