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    I had taken early retirement since December 2019 last year and I had been doing some freelance illustration for a friend but she is now financially unstable so it finished.  I have been exploring the idea of my art and illustration as a freelancer and looking for opportunities – I have been on Facebook, Instagram, Etsy, Red Bubble, Zazzle and other agencies – also Freelancer and other sources of illustration work, but unfortunately with these, you have to bid for a job.  Has anyone got any ideas or other sources of information on how I could market and sell my work?  I have been doing Thriving Christian Artists online course for almost a year but it is in the United States, where I think people are more successful.  I would appreciate your comments.



    Jackie Norman



    Posted by jackienorman
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    • Reply by susan

      Hi Jackie and everyone

      I wondered if any of you had found any platforms to help market your works? And also if anybody runs a blog, does that work as a way to publicise works? Did anyone try https://www.fiverr.com/ – let’s try and think some more! Really is the hardest part of being creatives… Do you all have portfolios of your work? I believe placing them on a website and then sending out links to potential clients may work?

      Let me know how it’s going

      Thanks, Susan (I’m the new community manager ;))




    • Reply by faircraft2002

      <p>Diversity is key.  I have a design commission in process for one of my established clients.  Her shop has one of my signs that I created economically out of recycled materials a few months ago.  That’s the kind of challenge I relish, but her new project is for a more modest graphic image on a small scale that is taking a while to realise in black and white, not my usual colour range!  Are your designs within a certain palette too?</p>

    • Reply by aislinggray

      Hi Jackie, have you considered Fiverr?  It’s a platform for freelancers which might suit your needs.  Have a look here: https://www.fiverr.com/



    • Reply by fernsmum2

      Hi Jackie!

      That is exactly my dilemma….how to market my creations!!!

      On line does seem the way to go…but….through which door???

      Thriving Christian Artists sounds interesting….is that just an online course ‘ school’, or a platform for exhibiting too?


      We seem to get the creating bit ok…….it’s the marketing we come unstuck on!!!!

      I wish you well.



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