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  • Freedom? from what exactly?

    Fly the flags, get drunk out of your tiny minds, to hell with good sense. This is the impression I’m given by the inane imbeciles who present BBC Breakfast.
    Freedom to me in current times mostly means avoiding as many Covidiots as possible and in that, I include anyone who still enters a shop or enclosed public space without a face covering regardless of whether that shop has decided to relax their own rule about it. After just a few minutes of having my face covered in a shop I begin to feel like I’m going to suffocate, I think only a sadomasochist would get any real pleasure from doing so. I expect to feel the need to wear one for the foreseeable future, not that I expect any freedom for any of us from Covid any time soon. How many people with me on this?

    Posted by BridJames
    • Reply by LawrieL

      I shall continue to wear a face mask!! I find the “normal” hospital paper type much less suffocating than fabric ones. We are protecting others as well as ourselves, yes, even the mindless idiots and those who have denied there’s ever been such a thing as Covid! Keep yourselves safe!

    • Reply by Caro

      Totally agree with you. And I don’t mean to upset or stress anybody but this is now a national obsession. Anyone still in any doubt about masks and their risks, this is a good read by Dr. Vernon Coleman: https://vernoncoleman.org/sites/default/files/2021-03/proof-that-face-masks-do-more-harm-than-good-v2.pdf

    • Reply by Frank_H

      To be fair to the BBC they are using the Freedom Day terminology based on what the government has called the (non-)event and they are reporting the attitudes of people who do want to risk their health by going to clubs. I have also seen significant reporting from more mature adults who will still protect themselves.

    • Reply by jac-b

      Under normal times you wouldn’t want a surgeon and his team working on you without masks would you?

      • Reply by BridJames

        I actually think that, apart from surgeons, anyone serving food directly like in Greggs or cake shops should wear a face covering as well as disposable gloves. Subway does at least use the latter anyway.

        • Reply by jac-b

          Been in a Greggs today and they were gloved and masked.
          Never been in a Subway.

        • Reply by BridJames

          I wonder what chance there is of them wearing them continuously. I think as a race humans have become generally complacent about health when it comes to buying and selling fresh food. The effect of this pandemic should be a sobering wake up call to all concerned.

    • Reply by Redhead

      I’m still wearing one in shops not to protect myself but to protect the people I look after in the care home, I have to wear a mask there for 12hrs a day and it’s not been easy in this weather.

    • Reply by Sassysarah.007

      I work in a hospital. Nothing has changed since Monday. We still have to wear masks, socially distance & walk in the hospital one way, go out another way. I agree, I think that the masks are here to stay for a while longer.

    • Reply by Bastmanya Moonblood

      Never worn a muzzle, never will. Its all a complete joke and mass confusion as a smoke screen to screwing with peoples lives. Complete control over the people for the benefit of the elite. Do some research question everything, do not comply to their lies.

      • Reply by aman

        How exactly do the elite benefit from having us wear masks?

    • Reply by Bastmanya Moonblood

      Its all part of creating Fear Control of the masses, all part of the process this planet is going through change big time. Its all available to read on line if you like to. Dont be surprised what you find, truthes are starting to show everywhere now. Too much to explain on here. Dont believe the media and government lies you know whats real because you will feel it! 🤔😊

      • Reply by BridJames

        I’m only guided by the likes of Prof Chris Whitty and JVT and I choose to still wear a face covering to suit myself even after it’s not compulsory to wear one. Simple as that.

      • Reply by Vicky1970

        I take it you have not been vaccinated either?

        • Reply by BridJames

          I’ve had both vaccinations but not taking it for granted I’m safe for having them.

    • Reply by Vicky1970

      I’ve had both and still wear a mask as I think it’s just being considerate of others. My farther has respiratory issues and if I can protect him all the better.