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  • Flowering winter houseplants!

    Do you have any houseplants that flower during the winter? Does it cheer up your home?

    Posted by Team Rest Less
    • Reply by lynnewilson5

      At the moment two of my Christmas cactus are flowering, a medinilla, 2 gloxinia, a calathea and my butterfly plant (oxalis) has little white flowers.

    • Reply by andrea

      Oh yes. Bringing healthy plants into your home creates a lovely ambience. They lighten the load and enhance love and joy. The most satisfying experience for me was keeping a poinsettia from last year. The leaves didn’t fall as they usually do and then at the beginning of November I noticed the leaves were turning red again. I love my orchids and the Christmas cactus all flowered early! I would love to send photos of them all but don’t think I can do it on this web site .

    • Reply by Pennie

      Absolutely love the peace lily, very good for cleaning the air, lovely graceful plant which if you are lucky produces white spathes of flowers.

    • Reply by Kay61

      One christmas cactus is starting to flower now – the biggest one flowered in May! Have bought some hyacinths which are just opening now and spreading their lovely perfume. Paper white Narcissi are another perfumed bulb that can be forced to bloom in the winter

    • Reply by Dorothea

      My Christmas cactus, which flowers each November without fail, despite being in a cold room with not much natural light.

      I always buy red cyclamen once December starts and then plant them in the garden once they’ve stopped flowering – some come back each year, some don’t.

      Also, a red poinsettia, which looks very festive – a nice bushy plant, not a tall straggly one – one year, my mother insisted on keeping it going until June, but even she had to admit, it was a bit unseasonal by then. These days, it gets its marching orders by the end of January.

      We also buy a couple of amaryllis bulbs for planting now, which means they will flower after Christmas when we need a bit of colour (red of course – “Red Lion”) and also buy some hyacinth bulbs (not red – it doesn’t look right on hyacinths) so we’ve got blue, white and pale pink bulbs under black bin liners in the garage, to get them to appear early in the new year.

      Oh, and in January, I follow my late Mother’s tradition of starting the new year by buying bunches of cut daffodils as soon as possible.