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  • First time on a plane, where did you fly to?

    My first flight was a school trip to France when I was 14 in 1962. We flew from Lydd airport in Kent over to Le Touquet.

    Posted by Carol.L
    • Reply by Anonymous User

      My first flight was age 9 with parents to Palma in Majorca. We flew from what was a metal hanger called Luton Airport 😆

    • Reply by Alant

      Ndola, N. Zambia in 1967, when I was 3.

    • Reply by Tommy the cyclist

      First time in a plane I went to Australia he he, couldn’t sleep on the plane cos of the eternal hum, got of Singapore had a Guinness on the hopes of would make me sleep nothing, arrived in Aussie like a zombie, think if ever I went again i.d sale ha ha

    • Reply by Carol.L

      Thought you were going to say you’d get on your bike! 😂😂🚲

    • Reply by Ferns

      Edinburgh to Gatwick, Gatwick to Dallas Dallas to Denver, then a four hour train trip to south west Nebraska. Arrived there at half one in the morning. This around 20 years ago.

    • Reply by kernowboy

      1982 I flew to Fiji to be a VSO volunteer for a couple of years. First time on a plane and about as far as you could fly from the UK. I had been overseas to the continent but only by ferry prior to that.

      • Reply by Carol.L

        I bet your time there was an amazing experience!

        • Reply by kernowboy

          Yes it was brilliant and since then I have had a long and exciting career in international aid and development

    • Reply by Dianailly

      My first memory of flying was in 1959 when I flew from Gatwick to Nairobi in Kenya. If I recall correctly we had to stop over in Khartoum to refuel!

    • Reply by Sylvia 1957

      My first flight ✈️ was to South Africa Johannesburg 🇿🇦 on a working holiday. I came back 🛬 to England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 36 years later. 🙈😂

      • Reply by Anthonio

        Amazing ! I totally get it that you stayed all that time .
        I flew out to cape town in 1982 and came back in 2000…then went back again after my wife pased away in 2016 and came back AGAIN in 2020 .

        • Reply by Sylvia 1957

          Hi Anthonio, I also left for SA 🇿🇦 in 1982. Sorry to hear about your wife passing away. Did you go back to live again in 2016? I see your holding the old flag. Are you coping with the weather here in Uk? Enjoy your day 😁

        • Reply by Anthonio

          Yes I went back for a few years and will return every year , if I can, as my son and his family still live in Cape Town .

          Your getting confused with the flag Sylvia ! The pic of me with the vertical bands of Green,White and Gold tricolor is the flag of my home nation .Rep Of Ireland .
          The old S.A. flag symbolised the old apartheid regime and I would not ever be waving it ,also it was Blue,Orange and white etc .

          I am quite used to the weather in the UK and enjoy it mostly except for those “endless grey ” days we get in November .
          Have a good week

          Wonderful Cape Town x

        • Reply by Sylvia 1957

          Good evening Anthonio,
          Wow!….they are really stunning photographs of Cape Town.
          They bring back lots of happy memories.

          That’s lovely you still have family in CT. I hope you will be able to visit them every year. I know it’s difficult at the moment with Covid it’s just messed everything up for everyone. Unfortunately there is nothing we can do.

          I see the flag now 🙈 what was I thinking? Sorry.

          I’m pleased you are coping with the weather in UK 🇬🇧.

          I hope you will be able to get to CT to visit your family soon.

          You too have a great week.
          Take care x

    • Reply by Ianfrancis

      Mine was to Benidorm with Dan Air, remember being a little scared on take off. Great holiday apart from my at the time girlfriend wondered off in front of me in arrivals and I got stopped by airport police and was asked to open her case I was carrying, She had key to case, they forced it open and totally embarrassed me.

    • Reply by JaneG

      My first flight was from Manchester to Jersey as a young girl.I thought that I had travelled miles especially since a number of street names were in French!

    • Reply by loislane

      Ireland 1976/7 to see my sister

    • Reply by Cheeseman dave

      Spain was a good flight I think

    • Reply by Anna123

      My first flight was from Grenada to Trinidad 1972 on my way to Britain. I was very excited as I kept thinking that a new life awaits me. That says it all as I am still here at 64.

    • Reply by AngieHastings.157

      Ireland was my first plane experience. Loved it xxxx

      • Reply by Anthonio

        I adore Ireland and visit whenever I can to see my sisters too !

        Wonderful Ireland ….

    • Reply by Mikie

      Singapore with the Royal Air Force and by train to Penang Malaysia.

    • Reply by Jayy12

      My first flight was to France too flying from Heathrow to Paris. It was a long time ago and I cannot remember if the airport in Paris was Orly or the de Gayle airport

    • Reply by Zoechaos

      Thruxton airfield up 2000 feet and exited. My first flight was also my first parachute jump. Did quite a few more jumps before I actually stayed on board for a landing.

    • Reply by Paolo14

      My first flight was to Naples to rendezvous with the SS Uganda for a 2 week cruise around the Med. It was a school trip. I seem to remember we flew on a Freddie Laker SkyTrain!

      • Reply by Carol.L

        That sounds a very upmarket school trip!

      • Reply by reliquit

        When was that? My wife went on an “educational cruise” on the SS Uganda in Easter 1968. But they did it the other way, they joined the ship in Southampton and then flew back from Majorca.

        • Reply by Paolo14

          Yes, this was an educational cruise. Picked the ship up in Naples. Sailed up the coast, went to Pisa and Florence. Sailed across to Spain. Docked at Malaga, went to Granada. Sailed to Tunisia, went to Carthage. Sailed to Greece, went to Olympia then on to Athens from where we flew home. I think it was 1978. My brother went a couple of years later and his trip involved Israel.

    • Reply by MikeyG

      Cyprus for a holiday in 2015, I was quite nervous of flying, Since then I have changed jobs and prior to lockdown I was flying to a different part of the world nearly every week, planes have now become like buses to me lol

    • Reply by Brighton Belle

      Lloret de Mar

    • Reply by reliquit

      To Munich for work. My employers were in the process of buying a complex computer system (hardware and software) from a German company and as a confident speaker of German I went to oversee the manufacture of it. I was there on-and-off for nearly two years and I loved it. I borrowed a bicycle and spent every spare moment exploring Bavaria.

    • Reply by Duboddity

      Tenerife aged 40✈️

    • Reply by Chris Kaye

      Between 4th and final year at college, we had to do a year’s work experience and I chose to do it in an architect;s office in Tel Aviv. But I was pretty scared of flying, so I got to Israel by train and boat. When I came home I decided to bite the bullet and fly, so my first flight was home on a jumbo jet … no fear after that !

    • Reply by AngieHastings.157

      Mine first flight was to Ireland when I was 12 I think to visit family xxx loved it

    • Reply by Sheila967

      Florida when I was 33.

    • Reply by Anthonio

      As a teen I flew to Constanta in Romania in about 1969..then joined a ship called the M.V Transalvania out of Varna (Bulgaria) to cruise around the Black Sea and visit 3 places in the USSR before ending the 10 day cruise in Istanbul .Was the most exciting trip of my life and Ive had a few trips 🙂

    • Reply by Parageiss

      When I had my ‘experience flight’ when in the RAF, It was cruel and made me nervous for flying ever since they like to show what a Hercules C.Mk 1 can do.

    • Reply by Blueeyes50

      I flew to Spain when I was 18 my first flight

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    • Reply by willdiam

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