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    Hi I am currently working as a skilled op at a fruit packaging plant , the work is very fast paced and all done by young energetic people mostly not from out country the days are long and well conversation is kinda none existent I was wondering if anyone could suggest a place of work that I could apply too for employment I am getting kinda desperate really

    Posted by shood5832
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    • Reply by susan

      Great advice jaylucy, thanks for sharing it with everybody! Also remember to visit the Rest Less website at restless.co.uk/employment and search our jobs search board. We have great career advice and jobs tips too on our site so do all visit and read our inspirational stories.  And if you do want to update your CV and cover letters we have advice on that too! All the best, Susan

    • Reply by jaylucy


      If you haven’t done a CV (I had no idea how – when I originally applied for my job it was application forms- ask your job advisor at the Job Centre. They may well be able to put you on an Employability course where they will show you how to do it.

      Register and download your CV on Indeed, CV Library and Reed to start off with – I have had several enquiries from companies and agencies that have seen my CV on line (unfortunately nothing suitable as yet due mainly to transport problems) and also register at any local employment agencies – if you don’t want to waste shoe leather, google employment agencies near me , and you should be given a list of the nearest to you – you will then be able to find which ones specialise in your field of work, then phone them to see if they accept CVs online or arrange to see one of their staff and take a copy with you. They may have jobs waiting , if only temp ones. Just be aware that you may find that once they have your CV that you may need to phone them or at least chase them up so they don’t forget you !

    • Reply by Metroman

      <p>Usually, the best starting points are INDEED and FindAJob. Have you tried either of these two?</p>

    • Reply by mwinnypen

      I was made redundant in April 2019. I’ve applied for quite a few jobs without success. Iam interested in warehouse labourers jobs, factory work or removal porter. Iam thinking of a career change.but don’t know what direction to take. I live in Birmingham..

    • Reply by aislinggray

      Hi all, have you had a look on the homepage of our website to search for jobs in your local area?  If you click on the Rest Less logo in the top left hand corner of this page, it will take you to the homepage.  You then need to type in your postcode or nearest town and you will see the roles that are available to you from employers who are committed to age diversity in some way.  You can then filter by category to suit your skill set.

      I hope this is a good starting point for you.

    • Reply by pickersgillann

      I am looking for a part-time job local if possible but willing to travel ( no car) worked in bookbinding firm 26 years and care 14  would consider any offers

    • Reply by Metroman

      Hi Shood5832

      What skills and limitations do you have and which part of the country do you willing/able to work in?

      • Reply by shood5832

        I am based in the northeast Tyne and Wear to be more specific limitations I am physically fit I can do heavy work as well as paperwork for production information etc I can supervise etc I drive with full uk licence zero points . I hope this is of help many thanks

        • Reply by Metroman

          Well, you seem to have the potential for many different types of openings.

          Have you tried using the national careers website here https://nationalcareers.service.gov.uk/skills-assessment to suggest specific careers of job types. The skills health check may give you lots of ideas.

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