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martinsteadman Posted 3 years ago
Finding work at 59

After working as a contracting  IT project manager and recently ending a two year divorce which has left me virtually destitute, I am eager to find a role which will enable me to start again and take me upto state retirement age.

My training budget has been spent on legal services so, my trade qualifications have fallen behind the latest products. Therefore, after applying for hundreds of jobs I have found myself unemployed for more than six months.

I am now at my wits end and desperately short of resource. Soon, if I don’t find gainful employment I will be destitute. I haven’t given up but would appreciate any decent leads or introductions. I have registered my CV on this site but have had no interest so far.

I’d be grateful of any help anyone is able to give. I haven’t given up yet. I’m just reaching out. If anyone has any advice I’d be grateful to hear.   Martin Steadman.


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    • Steve Cooper 12th December 2019 at 1:57 pm

      Hi Martin

      Do you hold Prince II? I was in programme management in IT for a number of years, but members of my team who had PII have tended to find other PM roles outside of IT on the basis that a qualified PM has fairly transferrable skills, this includes a lot of public sector roles in local government.

      If you don’t have an up to date qualification perhaps look to getting onto a funded scheme such as Reed in partnership who may then be able to tap you into local training budgets to get PII, or any local Community Interest Groups (CIC’s) running job clubs etc who also may have access to training budgets.

      Best wishes for the future.


    • Metroman 12th December 2019 at 7:07 pm


      Do you have a JCP work coach that can advise you on any benefits such as UC or JSA you may be entitled to?

      I think they can also help with the costs of re-training or upskilling enough to get back to work. Mine says they judge requests on an individual basis but in your circumstances, they may be able to assist.

      As well as courses advertised on this website, there are others that may offer free or cost-effective courses to help you.

      Have you tried the NCS for careers or training advice? I find them good whether in person, telephone or webchat.


    • Metroman 13th December 2019 at 6:55 am

      Hi Martin.


      I have been thinking about your posting overnight and have wondered if your perspective is currently that of self-employed, going bu some of the things you say and are you contracting under your own company banner as so many do. If so have you consider the reality that your business may no longer be viable?

      In a recent Radio 4 program, some self-employed people who were dependant on the JCP for Universal Credit to help them keep going were faced with asking themselves that question and told in very definite ways that they no longer met what was called the minimum income floor. If this is so then maybe you should consider if that is true for you.

    • Metroman 24th January 2020 at 4:47 pm

      Maybe talking with recruitment professionals would give you an idea of how in-demand your skills and qualifications are. Recruiters that cover all areas as well as experts in your field. This may give you a feel for how likely you are to get a job. Take a look at agencycentral.co.uk for specialist recruiters in your geographic area.

      As you mention training have you any ideas of alternative careers?  You could look for free training on the many websites that offer courses.

      MY JCP work coach said that funding was available for upskilling and was judged on an individual basis. Whether that is literal or metaphoric I don’t know. But they may be able to offer you something along those lines.

      Have you touched base with the National Careers Service? You can go face-to-face, telephone or webchat. The skills health check on their website may give you ideas.

      Also, check out this website and see if it has anything to offer. https://www.beseen.com/.

      Good luck.