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    Mamma Mia here we go again is on TV and I love it
    What’s your feel good film?

    Posted by Mother Goose
    • Reply by Nick Tilling

      Amelie – the proper French version naturally – and not the frightful American version which ought not to be allowed.

      • Reply by Mother Goose

        I have honestly never heard of this 😳

        • Reply by Nick Tilling

          Why, it’s the best film in film-land – at least according to me!

          I’ve drank at Les Deux Moulains on Rue Lepic and generally been to all of the location shots in the film (except for the pornography shop in Pigalle! I have got some standards!)

      • Reply by loislane

        I agree, and Le Concert, just superb

    • Reply by George W

      Any of the old Ealing comedies but am especially fond of The Maggie for that feel good factor .More up to date would be Gregory’s Girl ,Babe or Fabulous Mr Fox .

      • Reply by aspie auntie

        I was really touched when Mr. Fox’s son Ash and his cousin Kristofferson played with the train set in the bedroom – reminded me of my dad coming home with various parts for a train set from Beatties.

    • Reply by adeliza0165

      The rat race 🤣😆😁👍

      • Reply by Dreamyboy

        Good fun this film – they tend to show it on Sony movies a lot but cut out about a good 10 minutes!

        • Reply by Mother Goose

          Dreamyboy – please change your photo, its distracting me 😍

        • Reply by Dreamyboy

          Can’t and won’t – I’m even more drop dead gorgeous in real life, I don’t want to cause arguments amongst you ladies……… 😂😉

        • Reply by Mother Goose

          Must be unbearable getting all this attention 🤣

        • Reply by adeliza0165

          It’s so funny in parts and I can’t stop laughing when they get out off that super sonic car all dazed and confused!lol! The coach full of Lucy balls is so funny too!lol!

        • Reply by aspie auntie

          I hate it when that happens, and then they put a showbiz gossip bit on midway.

    • Reply by bri62c Pembrokeshire

      I’m going to go ….. Frozen 2 👌😁🤭

      • Reply by Mother Goose

        I love the Frozen films 😃😃🥶☃️

        • Reply by bri62c Pembrokeshire

          I enjoyed the first – but found the sequel even better (which doesn’t often happen) 😁

        • Reply by Mother Goose

          That is very true

    • Reply by Fluffy

      any Mel Brooks film does it for me , but my personal fave is “Young Frankenstein”
      also Airplane and Hot Shots 😀

    • Reply by Stevie C

      Top Gun
      The Princess Bride
      Any Pink Panther film with Peter sellars
      Some Like It Hot
      Shrek 2
      Terminate 2 ( made me feel good)

      • Reply by Mother Goose

        Yes there were a couple of bits in Top Gun that made me feel good 🙂Love some like it hot and shrek.
        I prefer musicals though.

        • Reply by Stevie C

          What if they made Terminator 2 ‘the musical’…? Just a thought …. Hope all is well with you Debs.

        • Reply by Mother Goose

          🤣🤣 err no. Can’t see that working 🤣
          All good thank you 😁

        • Reply by Stevie C

          Okay, fair enough… Perhaps not…. Musicals, the classic of course is, perhaps,
          West Side Story , enjoyed Chicago. – My Fair Lady – Singing in the Rain.
          A star is Born, (Barbara Streisand )

          I have to include Mary Poppins for the wonderful uplifting song ‘ Go Fly a Kite ‘ and Dick Van Dykes accent. Have a good one Deb.

        • Reply by Mother Goose

          West Side Story and Chicago are among my favourites. Good taste you have there sir ‼️
          Will do. You too 😁

      • Reply by Dreamyboy

        “Some like it Hot” – Classic!!

        • Reply by Mother Goose

          Most definitely.
          Think I might time for The Greatest Showman today 😍

    • Reply by Shirlann

      Ice age know it meant to be for kids but I love it😁

      • Reply by Mother Goose

        There are a lot of kids films that make us adults feel good 😁

        • Reply by Shirlann

          Sure they put things in for adults 😁so they not too boring!

        • Reply by Mother Goose

          Oh yes they certainly do. I remember taking my youngest to the cinema and it was funny to hear adults laughing at bits when the kids didn’t 🤣

        • Reply by Shirlann

          It’s when the grandkids want to watch again and again 😬🙃

        • Reply by Stevie C

          Kung Fu Panda…. !

        • Reply by Mother Goose

          Oh yes. Still got that on dvd 🤣

    • Reply by emdee

      I’ve always loved Dirty Dancing – even the stage version!

      • Reply by Mother Goose

        Most definitely

    • Reply by annestitcher

      LOve actually AND four weddings and a funeral

    • Reply by melvyn12

      Its a wonderful life

      • Reply by SelsdonLion

        Bit of a tear jerker too at one point in the film. One my all time favourites!

    • Reply by Purple boots

      There are so many
      Top Gun
      Pretty Woman
      Officer as a Gentleman
      Dirty Dancing
      Blazing Saddles

      Someone mentioned The Italian Job that is one film I can’t stand

    • Reply by andrea

      Dirty Dancing Ghost in fact anything with Patrick Swazy! Sadly no longer with us

      • Reply by Mother Goose

        Yes very sad. I love Ghost.

    • Reply by andrea

      Dirty Dancing Ghost in fact anything with Patrick Swazy! Sadly no longer with us

    • Reply by RosieV

      Sweet Home Alabama

    • Reply by Adri

      LIfe is Beautiful
      The Artist
      A Fish Called Wanda
      My Fair Lady
      Wild Rose
      Shrek (especially the first film)

    • Reply by Marv


    • Reply by josemhamlin

      As Good As It Gets
      Miracle on 34th Street
      Dirty Dancing
      To name a few plus Finding Nemo, because me & my Grandson used to watch it together, think I’m word perfect on it!

    • Reply by Macaulay

      Recently watched School of Rock’ and for some who tend to sway towards more soul music. I just love the AC/DC rock songs esp ‘it’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock n roll’.

    • Reply by Alma Perdida

      Forest Gump for me. It has everthing for the human spirit

    • Reply by Kaycee17

      Singing in the Rain

    • Reply by Sue.L

      Shirley Valentine. I did what she did and never regretted the years I lived on Crete. I often wonder what happened after Joe turned up, I hope she stayed to live her dream.

      • Reply by Mother Goose

        Wow. What a fabulous memory and adventure for you.

    • Reply by NYC to UK

      How to Marry a Millionaire, or any Doris Day & Rock Hudson comedy

      • Reply by Mother Goose

        Not watched a Doris Day movie in years.

    • Reply by White Feathers

      Finding your feet …. Timothy Spall, Imelda Staunton Joanna Lumley and a few others star in this lovely film xx

    • Reply by Nanny Nita

      Good night Mr. Tom and The Amazing Mr. Blundel.

    • Reply by ad_of_lsa

      Had quite a few favourites over the years. The Way, The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty, The Grand Budapest Hotel and Mr Holmes are getting a few viewings at the moment.

    • Reply by Noel29

      Radio Days about Woody Allen’s childhood .The music is brilliant then it would have to be Haunted Honeymoon then Planes,trains and Automobiles Steve Martin and John Candy.Haunted Honeymoon is brilliant.Gene Wilder and Jonathan Price.

    • Reply by Ms Dee

      My Fair Lady and Notting Hill also watch Mamma Mia whenever it is on TV

    • Reply by Strot62

      Rain Man is top of my list ‘Are you on prescription medication.’ 😁

    • Reply by Chellsy

      Local Hero – wonderful scenery, brilliant soundtrack, gentle comedy, heart warming story.

    • Reply by CollieWollie

      The Princess Bride, Local Hero, Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amelie Poulin, Despicable Me 1,2,3. Wonderful Life, A Dogs Purpose.