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  • Fear of Retirement

    I spoke to an ex-colleague recently and asked him if he was planning to retire. He said he had thought about it but was too scared to do it.

    I missed the opportunity to ask him, what he was fearful of.

    What were your main fears about retirement, if any ?

    Posted by pinkgekko
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    • Reply by guard66

      I say don’t become a couch potato get out and about,use it or lose it.i Also Never Turn the T V on before 5pm .Good luck To All.

    • Reply by shelbea1909

      Interesting because I have taken voluntary redundancy, which coincides with retirement age. I needed to let go of the crutch called work and move into my next faze of life.

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    • Reply by Angelaaml

      I always thought I would be working well beyond my retirement age (due in 7yrs) and dreaded retirement so I can understand where some people are with that.

      But I’ve had a massive change of mindset since walking away from an abusive relationship I was in for 20yrs. Going through a divorce and having to look at my finances and plan my future it made me eager to finish working as soon as I can to explore and do all the things I wanted to do at a time when I was in a relationship where I would not be ‘allowed’ to anything that pleases me.

      Sadly my health has taken a decline and sought advice from a IFA who was very helpful  and gave me good news that it would be possible to work shorter hours and thankfully my employers have a flexible retirement scheme which I will explore in a couple of months. I’m looking forward to having more time for myself and not be ruled by timescales in a highly stressful job.

      • Reply by blondiedaggers

        Firstly, well done you for extricating yourself from that unhealthy relationship. No mean feat! How wonderful that you now feel able to freely enjoy your life and fulfil your bucket list! I do hope your health improves so that you can fulfil your dreams! Good luck!

    • Reply by gmarshall50

      I am retirement age but it’s not for me I like to work and be around people of all ages it keeps you on your toes and mentally alert.

      My fear when I do retire is falling into the ageing process to quickly but also being around people my age who don’t have the same youthful outlook as me. Apart from work providing what I’ve alluded to, I attend a gym several times a week and have done for the past 25 years it’s the best thing anyone can do keeping fit and mixing with all age groups.

      I’m going to continue this for as long as possible.

      • Reply by blondiedaggers

        That makes a lot of sense when you say about mixing with younger people and keeping the aging process at bay! I can see how that could be good. I just love being free to do whatever I want, when I want, without having to answer to anyone. I can enjoy the good weather and go out and about rather than working through a sunny week, only to find it raining at the weekend, as ‘sods law’ often has it!

    • Reply by blondiedaggers

      I had no worries about retiring as I knew my husband and I get along well. My only fears were that we were entering this last phase of our life, whereby we were going to get older, and our best years were behind us. But those fears disappeared once we started living it. We have started getting aches and pains since retiring (with age) but thats life! We make the most of all days and moments, knowing how precious every day is.

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