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    hello I would like some information about Equity release could anyone help?

    Posted by jackiedonnelly11
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    • Reply by Stuart

      Hi Jackie,

      Thanks for your message – great to hear Keith’s thoughts and it would be great to hear from others if they have been through this themselves and any learnings or discoveries they had.

      We are unable to give specific financial advice I am afraid, however we’ve pulled together a guide on the topic that I hope is helpful.  You can view it here – https://restless.co.uk/money/mortgages-and-property/equity-release-what-is-it-and-how-does-it-work/. As I’m sure you are, it’s also worth considering other options – like a standard remortgage, or interest only remortgage – as Equity Release is not without its risks.

      As Keith says, it can be helpful to look at a number of different product options.  In our view it’s a complex area so it can be advisable to seek advice from a qualified financial advisor who can make a specific product recommendation based on your individual circumstances. You can search for one on either VouchedFor or Unbiased.

      If you do decide you want to find out more, it’s crucial to ensure that any advisor or product provider that you go with is a member of the Equity Release Council (ERC) who stipulate a number of product standards which help safeguard borrowers. You can search for an equity release provider that belongs to the ERC here.

      I hope this information is helpful and apologies we cannot provide advice ourselves.

      Kind regards


    • Reply by keithstewart


      It can be good but do lots of research. I almost did one. No payments now but they sell the property etc when I die but the amount to pay back too high. Speak to and compare different lenders. Try a mortgage broker or two for options. Is a loan better? It will depend how you want to use it too. I think there is government advice booklet- search online or .Gov.uk


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