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    Is it just me or does anyone else out there get frustrated by the number of totally inappropriate job alerts they receive as a result of signing up with various agencies?

    I have worked in administration and customer services for almost all my working life, so I select the fields relevant to my previous work history, area to which I am prepared to travel etc. and click . . .  Fingers crossed. . .

    Here’s just a selection of the roles which have been suggested as a “perfect match” to my skills and experience in the past couple of weeks:

    Trainee Solicitor

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Live In Care Assistant

    Fully Qualified Gas Engineer

    Bus Driver

    Vehicle Service Technician

    Postal Courier – which involves joining the Army!!

    Avon Representative

    Estate Agent in Dubai


    Please tell me I’m not the only one!


    Posted by jo6
    • Reply by Metroman

      I gave up on all  job alerts , be it agency or job board because they are all useless. Even when they don’t include training courses. The only time i ever use a JBE is if i need to up a completion score.

      • Reply by jo6

        Today’s suggested a job as a Salaried GP!

        You’re right – time to ditch them all.