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    New to rest less. Aiming for a fitter and happier 2021. First challenge is to reduce alcohol intake so taken the dry January challenge. On day 5. Anyone else?

    Posted by Jetster
    • Reply by NeilP

      Yes I’m doing it , i do it every year. It Lasted til April last year. I’m not a big anyway so wasn’t to.hard Good luck

    • Reply by Highlandrose

      I was going to do dry January but now with lockdown again it is one of the few things we look forward to at weekends. So think I will continue with my wkend few glasses of wine 🍷 as need some enjoyment from this sad world at moment.

    • Reply by Padulica

      Yes me too . Did it last January it wasn’t to bad ! 😀

    • Reply by Caroline0359

      Yes I’m doing dry January.
      Think a bit easier this year as cant go to restaurants or pub.

      3 of us in work supporting each other . So that’s very helpful

    • Reply by Anonymous User

      Well, I guess I’m exempt on this one, as I quit drinking back in ’91 and I have to say, it was definitely the greatest single thing I ever did!! Come July 8th. this year it’ll be 30-yrs since I had a drink! When I broke my back in ’90 (while stinking drunk) I realized that in every bad thing that had occurred in my life – booze was involved. So, I put down the bottle!! I still party like hell but I can remember EVERYTHING that happened and I don’t have to suffer those devastating hangovers like I used to. It was such a revelation to realize that I could have just as much-nay, MORE fun without the booze, and I wasn’t making an ass of m’self like I used to …!! I wish y’all a Fabulous New Year and pray that y’all stay healthy, happy-n-sassy!! xxxxxxx

      • Reply by Caroline0359

        Hi . I enjoy a drink but I dont need a drink to enjoy myself. I dont drink enough to get a hangover . Well not these days anyway.
        It’s a shame you had to suffer an awful injury to see the light . But good to hear something positive has come out of it . Happy new year to you too.

    • Reply by Angie…141258

      Hi and welcome to the group. I must admit I’m not a big drinker I cut my drinking down when we had the first lockdown. Now I only like a glass or 2 at the weekend.

    • Reply by sbailey3

      Yes I too am doing it…..almost a week completed!!!

      • Reply by Poetess59

        Me too !! It’s pretty hard but I was drinking way too much !!

    • Reply by Anonymous User

      God Bless you – I wish you ALL a fabulous New Year xxxx

    • Reply by Caroline0359

      On day 7 all good

    • Reply by Shirlann

      Doing it having weak moments when feel like making a drink order🙄☹️ Last drink was Boxing Day

    • Reply by da.brownathome

      Well done – I made it to 7th January and weakened, but kept to one pre-dinner drink and/or 1 small glass of wine. I find it hard to not have a glass of wine with a meal at weekends. I did buy some non alcoholic spirits called 3 Spirit, which are herbally flavoured and I sometimes have one of those with a mixer instead of my pre-dinner G&T. I’m pleased with cutting down on my alcohol and am combining it with a bit of a diet (down 3.5 pounds so far) but I am missing going to the gym for yoga and zumba classes so I hope we can get back to those soon 😁

    • Reply by Greenfingers

      For years I was dry first month of the year and first week of every month but this last year has seen that abandoned! In fact, between March and December 2020 we were having a drink most evenings. But I’ve started afresh with Dry January (and veganuary) and it’s really helping that my husband – first time ever for him – has given up alcohol in January too. We’re drinking a lot of ginger ale though and fear for our teeth!

    • Reply by Sherrilee

      I just stopped drinking red wine, I hate drinking alone..

      • Reply by Caroline0359

        I find I drink more when I drink alone. Think it’s too easy to drink too much.

    • Reply by Team Rest Less

      Great topic and good luck!

      Our editorial team put a few thoughts together on motivation and ideas to help with dry January here:


      Would welcome any additional ideas from others so we can share with the wider community!


    • Reply by FitNut59

      Ive never gone dry consciously and don’t drink to excess or anything like i did in my youth ( Thank god) I tested positive for Covid earlier this year so haven’t had any alcohol for 9 days. My symptoms have been very mild – just thought it was the usual ‘man flu cold’ .Anyway have been drinking plenty of water and i haven’t missed alcohol. its probably been good to break the habit of a daily glass of wine or a can of beer which became habitual over the first lockdown when the sun was shining. I come out of isolation on my bday so might have a glass of red then again might not.
      Well done to everyone who is going dry

      • Reply by Caroline0359

        Hope you are feeling much better .

    • Reply by Jetster

      Just a quick update. I am now on day 12 and feeling fantastic. It is no mean feat as was drinking 3 large glasses daily. I am sleeping better, have more energy and concentration. I am so driven have now incorporated a high fibre, low fat diet so expecting even greater things. Watch this space when I appear on the catwalk as the next eldest supermodel.Ha,ha..

      • Reply by NeilP

        That’s great dry February then ?

      • Reply by Caroline0359

        I’m the same I was drinking far too much to be honest probably a bottle of wine most nights. I knew it was making me sluggish but it was a habit that I needed to break. I dont need to drink I enjoy a drink. So now on day 24 no alcohol feel much better. Sleep has not improved at all in fact maybe worse. My daughter gave me her old Fitbit so I’m making sure I walk 10.000 steps a day.if weather very wet i do a dance video from u tube found a great one for people over 50. Which is brilliant. Also changed my diet. So all in all feel healthier when we can cruise again I hope to look fab .

    • Reply by aljlemp

      Yep 👍🏼. The free NHS App ‘Drink
      Free Days’ is useful in helping you along. Good luck!

    • Reply by Nana Ann

      Yes I am doing. Couldn’t say it is my favourite to do in this odd year and in January the very worst month.

    • Reply by Summerhouse 21

      Every month is dry for me as I have no tolerance for alcohol. I really like gin/tonic, brandy and friut flavoured ciders. But a couple of sips and I’m drunk, no exaggeration. My Dad was the same, but he kept trying for 40 years ! Bless him. 🙂

    • Reply by Shirlann

      Who going to be staying dry🤔😁

      • Reply by Caroline0359

        Wont stay dry but definitely reduce my intake .

    • Reply by JaneG

      I managed until mid Feb then it was my birthday so had to do some quality control on the gooseberry gin present. I’m not a big drinker so have given up again.
      I wish that cutting down on sugar was as easy!!

    • Reply by Jo the boat

      I had a dry November but decided to delay 2021’s effort till march. Just didn’t seem appropriate to go dry in Ginuary or Febrewery!

    • Reply by Nikki11

      Hi. I’ve just joined and saw your post. I’m having a dry February. Challenging but I’m determined 😁

    • Reply by Caroline0359

      I did dry January and ip till 10th Feb . Was giving covid vaccines all day . Needed a drink at the end . Lol.

      Definitely drinking less than I was last year.