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    This makes me so mad ! and these incidents are increasing more during the lockdown. We have some beautiful parks where I live Richmond and Bushey Park.
    it clearly states dogs must be kept on a lead. Not all dog owners adhere to this rule and unfortunately the ones who have also have no control over their dog either no recall at all. People seem to find it amusing when an out-of-control dog herds these animals into traffic and terrifies them. You may recall the famous ‘Fenton Case – see you tube’ its not funny. I wrote on the local NEXT DOOR GROUP please keep your dog on the lead in these parks. One twat replied that it was just nature at work the dog killing the deer. I replied ok so if I let my German Shepherd off lead to attack you we can put that down to nature at work can we ? I know what the outcome will be of this behaviour from a few stupid selfish owners dogs will be eventually banned from the parks completely.

    Posted by Paula’splace
    • Reply by Jane Blackmore

      I entirely agree with you. I used to live in Richmond and always loved the park and the deer. It is so selfish to allow your dog to run out of control in an area like this, even worse if the regulations state that dogs should be kept on the lead. I live in Somerset now and am horrified at the number of people who think it is OK to walk through fields with cattle and sheep in them without their animals being on leads. After all these are peoples ‘ livelihoods as well as being animals that should not be worried, mauled or killed by thoughtless individuals.

    • Reply by Cheverells6

      I agree , it only takes one irresponsible dog owner to spoil it.
      I live adjacent to a golf course, which due to the lockdown is closed, but the management was allowing walkers in provided they kept to the designated paths and kept their dogs on leads. One man let his dog walk on the iced over pond for it to fall in. He went in after it to rescue it and got into difficulties. It was only lucky that another walker saw it happen and rescued the man and dog.
      As a consequence the golf club has now barred all walkers

    • Reply by Angieb4579

      How awful, people don’t deserve to own dogs if they can’t look after then properly. I blame the owner not the dog. People like that give us responsible dog owners a bad reputation. I also can’t stand people who don’t pick up their dogs poo, or bag it and throw it away.

      • Reply by Paula’splace

        Angie, I’m not claiming to be dog owner of the year. I do however take owning a German Shepherd very seriously I have paid out to have him trained by a professional and had to attend the classes with him worth every penny. You cant have a dog that size going around in public doing as he wishes. Some owners think it’s funny that they have little or no control over their dog. I told one to call his dog off mine and he couldn’t you can imagine if I had no control either which dog would be blamed? mine. Those that don’t ‘like’ picking up poo, well don’t get a dog then. Ridiculous. ! Some of the owners I see don’t look like they cant take care of themselves let alone a dog. Also lots of ‘lockdown and Christmas ‘ dogs purchased until they find out the commitment needed.

        • Reply by Angieb4579

          You sound like a responsible dog owner. I am finding now that my dog is elderly and his eyesight is poor he doesn’t like dogs jumping at him and it tends to be pups that do it. I am fed up with people letting their pup run over to my dog (who is on the lead) and when I try to stop their dog jumping they shout over, it’s ok they are just being friendly. I then have to explain my dog can’t see and will panic if he sees a blur jumping at him. Some people have no common sense. It’s heart breaking that people got dogs when they where working from home or Xmas and now can’t or don’t want them.

        • Reply by Paula’splace

          I know exactly what you mean, I tend to walk my dog at 5.00 am to avoid the new puppies who want to play, My dog is not here to entertain yours. I even had a group allow five dogs to surround mine when I was in the middle of training him. I’ve always had dogs in this area so I know the best times to walk. There are a few dog owners we know who I am happy for him to play and run around with. The owners who actually use their brain do make eye contact with you so you are aware if their dog is ok. I have had some really annoying incidents in the past two years since having my dog. The worst was when he was about 10 months old he was off lead and two pit bulls surrounded him followed by a couple screaming and running as they were clearly about to attack him. Luckily I was still able to pick him up with these two dogs barking and growling at my feet. As you can imagine I was furious.
          two morons knew their dogs were likely to attack but had the attitude we will let them off lead and hope for the best. ( and excuse all this by telling me they rescued dogs – well bully for you bringing two dangerous and untrained dogs to the park)

          Then there was an elderly couple who had a German Shepherd very similar to mine who was attacking every dog in sight and of course, everyone assumed it was my dog. Luckily the police were finally called and this dog was taken by the RSPCA.

          Sunday afternoons I avoid they are worst, a bit like Sunday drivers they all come out with their dogs.

          I have to admit Dog Walking now is not so relaxing anymore, I have to be constantly alert of every dog coming our way as obviously if my dog is attacked he will defend himself. Although my sons have said I can be more ferocious than our dog is.
          I don’t see why I should end up in the vet with an injured dog due to someone else’s ignorance and stupidity.

          I remember at puppy school, I was talking to a new owner complaining that her puppy kept crying at night, I told her it would pass and gave a few tips, adding it’s like having a newborn child again, she said don’t be ridiculous – to her the puppy was a ‘new toy’ for her kids and she was regretting the purchase.
          This is how it starts …….. Also one of the many ‘designer dogs’ purchased to keep up with the neighbours £4000 worth of labradoodle. Very cute but to be honest if it’s not a thoroughbred surely this is still a ‘mongrel ‘ ? she should have just bought a new handbag. Couldn’t believe my eyes when we left she put the dog in the boot of her car. !!!!

          (rant over !)

        • Reply by Angieb4579

          Totally agree with you, my Donald was a rescue dog, I got him when he was 2 and a half. I have had rescue dogs before and know how to train them, so initially until they are kept on the lead until I am happy they are sociable with other dogs. I also would never let them run over to a strange dog without the owners permission. Like you I had an incident yeas ago when Donald was about 5, he was running for his ball (6am in the morning) on the empty playing fields next to me, when 2 Alsatians appeared from the copse, they pinned him on the ground, I was running over to them when the owner appeared. I won’t repeat my language but she got a mouthful about having her unfriendly dogs off a lead. She pulled one off while I pulled the other off. Her response of, they haven’t done that before didn’t go down well with me. Luckily we pulled them off before any damage was caused. However, it left Donald with a feat of any big dog that looked like an Alsatian. I always had to put him back on the lead if I saw a large dog approaching. Some people should never have dogs if they don’t know how to control them. A dog is the most wonderful pet but must be taught the boundaries of what it can and can’t do

    • Reply by Paula’splace

      Exactly, Im sure the parks will be closed to dog walkers if they don’t change, but what is sad when they record it and put it on you tube . Like many things in life these days, the odd few spoil it for the majority. I have no problem telling other owners to put the dog on a lead, dont get a lot of abuse with a large German Shepherd at my side. The excuse is the dog doesnt get enough exercise on the lead. So go and let him off the lead somewhere there are no wildlife. simple !

      • Reply by loislane

        A lot of people cannot take responsibility for themselves or their dogs, everything is dumbed down to cater to the ignorant masses who become arrogant to cover up their lack of intelligence and no commonsense. It’s always someone else’s fault, someone else to shift the blame on to.

    • Reply by Dutch Sonja

      That is beyond sad. £600 fine is not high enough. ☹️

      • Reply by Paula’splace

        I agree, I would have banned the owner from the park, enforce him to train his dog, and charge him at least £5000. Another idiot I quote ‘ accidents happen’ this was not an accident this is criminal damage and negligence.