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  • …does it buy you happiness?

    Posted by Stirredbutnotshaken
    • Reply by Vixster

      It buys me things which make me happy such as holidays, gig tickets, meals out but friendship is the greater wealth.

      • Reply by Minnie3003

        I would say the greatest wealth is health.. Cant do much without that no matter how much money you have

        • Reply by Vixster

          It’s all relative though isn’t it? I mean I’ve got poor eyesight and hearing but great mobility so I consider myself to be healthy but others may not.

        • Reply by Sandyg

          yes but lack of money causes stress which causes poor health..

    • Reply by SandyH13

      No…. but what it does is make the bad times more comfortable. Love and friendship more important.

    • Reply by mel

      I don’t think it can buy you happiness, but it can definitely make some things much easier! Health is definitely the most important thing…

    • Reply by Sandyg

      No, but it certainly gives you peace of mind if you dont have to fret constantly about how you are going to pay your bills..and it might give you enough leeway to not have to panic when your car fails its MOT, and other such domestic headaches.

    • Reply by VFP

      It buys you financial freedom, which gives you more opportunities to do the things you want that make you happy.

    • Reply by FionaE

      Money can’t buy happiness, but it can enable misery in comfort. The wealthiest people who appear to be happiest (as far as you can tell from the media, which isn’t much!) seem to be the ones who do useful things for other people with their money.

    • Reply by Sonny1234

      I have never felt miserable ,or ill for that matter when I’ve had a wad of cash in my wallet, but I have felt miserable at home when I’ve been skint, it may not bring eternal happiness but it certainly helps key misery at bay .

    • Reply by Bryony

      Makes you feel more secure so less stress

    • Reply by Chris Roberts

      A great question. Money – what is it good for? Absolutely nothing? Say it again…..

      Money on its own is worthless. However money gives you options.
      Being wealthy in my opinion gives you the option to do things you want to do when you want to do them.

      Being wealthy is not about a big car expensive watch or a big house and slick suits and wonderful shoes. They are status symbols which can be bought on credit.

      Being wealthy is having choices. To work at what you want to work at and work with who you want to work with when you want to work.

      Being wealthy is the ability to be able to say no….. I don’t need to do that.

      Keep your cars and big houses. I’m typing this in the garden sitting in the sunshine. Why? Because I had the foresight 38 years ago to start paying into my pension. Compound interest is wonderful.

      I start work at 2 this afternoon, educating a generation of people on all things money. Why? Because I want to share the knowledge. And because I want to!

    • Reply by SelsdonLion

      I lifted this from Money Week….

      The suicide rate for the rich is higher than it is for the poor. Freud’s explanation is compelling: “the rich fellow already knows that money won’t solve his problems. That is why rich people must be the most miserable in the world. The poor man still has hope. He can buy a lottery ticket and imagine he will soon be on Easy Street. The rich have already won the lottery. They know the streets are rough, no matter which one you’re on.”

      • Reply by Richard21

        Would be nice to be miserable and not be chased for money and live in comfort

        • Reply by SelsdonLion

          I’d sooner be happy!

    • Reply by Richard21

      Try living on £180 a week

    • Reply by aman

      Adjust your lifestyle to your income.