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  • Does anybody have advice on buying a camper van. We want a different type of holiday

    My hubby and I want to holiday in the UK more often and are looking for a small or medium size van for long weekend trips away.

    Posted by mariahudson12
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    • Reply by Susan43

      I would buy second hand or maybe buy a van in a size you can manage and convert it, otherwise the prices are sky high.  It is highly advisable to rent one for a week to see how you cope.

      You need to decide if you want a toilet and shower, as they come with the challenge of filling and emptying tanks.

      If you get a diesel, there are many cities you cannot drive through without fees. Petrol are hard to find and can have poor mpg.

      Travel when the weather is good, or through Scotland and expect record crowds while covid is rife.

      Really try before you buy.  We run a campervan company and it is not for everyone.  Watch some of the hundreds of vlogs on you tube for ideas and insight. Not the beautiful people who instagram every minute, but find some older couples channels.  There is an older English couple who set out to travel the world and ended up stuck in a parking lot in istanbul for months. They are very honest about it.


    • Reply by Buggyboo63

      Hello, I had a motorhome for over 3 years about 8 years ago.  It was an interesting experience!  Always remember to look underneath for rust, and indeed anywhere else you can look.  A small van won’t give you any space and a big van will be a challenge to manoeuvre unless you are a natural.  Therein really is the difficulty with holidays in vans.  If you don’t have a problem with either of these and are naturally quite tidy (I am not), you will probably love it.  In many ways I did love it – for the freedom of the road, but people will tell you “you can go anywhere”.  No, you can’t.  Not in a big one through tiny villages.  Also, work out what the petrol/diesel consumption will be, otherwise you won’t be able to afford to go far!!!  Plus a million other things I can’t think of now but you only know when you start travelling in one.  Good luck!

    • Reply by chrisday_narca

      Did you get a camper and have you been away yet.  We’ve a motorhome and have been out twice so far this year.  Ravenglass (Cumbria) & Pickering (N Yorks) – close to Whitby & Scarborough.

      Chris xx


    • Reply by Anonymous User

      Hello. Having just signed up and exploring the site I found your post. If you are still looking my advice would be to visit a large dealership with new and secondhand models available. That way you can look at different internal layouts, roof styles etc and decide what suits you. Once you have your criteria then you can look at smaller dealers who won’t have the range and online at eg Autotrader.

      As someone above mentioned you do need to consider storing the vehicle when not in use.

      Also the initial outlay can be hefty but resale prices are also relatively high. Would advise against a brand new one as depreciation is similar to that of a car.

      And Jan/Feb is a good time to buy as dealers are making room for new stock for the new season.

    • Reply by steve clifford

      Hi having had a camper van  My advise would be to Initialy rent one  for a week or weekend  to get the full experience …  you would then have a better Idea of what would suite you Ideally when not in use they need to be kept off road   driveway /garage

    • Reply by USHA

      Hello! I see you posted this back in June. My friend has a Camper Van and she goes on a lot of weekend trips with her husband and 2 kids. If you still need advice, do let me know

      best wishes


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