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  • Do you think age discrimination will increase after coronavirus?

    Much of the press around the coronavirus has been centred around it impacting people more as they get older. With age-discrimination already an issue, we’d like to hear our members’ opinions:

    • Do you think this could make things worse, even after the coronavirus has passed?
    • Have any of you already experienced discrimination or push-back because of the coronavirus or
    • Are you confident that the fight against age-discrimination will continue to progress?

    Do share your thoughts, below.

    Posted by Helen Burns
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    • Reply by mmzbrown14

      I work in the medical profession and I disagree – any decisions about medical treatment here is Scotland are based on quality of life, survivability and being able to tolerate anaesthesia and/or other invasions into the physical body.

      Age along with many other factors are discussed based upon the aforementioned criteria.


    • Reply by tracyspencerca

      I’m not sure if it will be age or whether it may be those who look at you sideways if you’ve tested positive for the virus. I feel that society as a whole discriminated against older people before this was a crisis.
      ive witnessed first hand that once you are over 70 s that you can quite easily passed over to even get the same medical options as someone who may seem to have a “better” chance at survival.

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