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  • Do you have ‘soft spot’ for an old single (Record ! ) :) Why? This one reminds me of childhood.

    Posted by Fluff
    • Reply by deejmac9

      Just got my drifters cd delivered, headed out in the car to listen to it crying my eyes out as I do as they were one of mums fav groups (lost her 6mths ago)
      “Saturday night at the movies” was one we used to sing along too 💔 😢

      • Reply by Fluff

        Sorry to hear of your loss. Music can invoke such passion & feelings.

        • Reply by deejmac9

          It sure can, trying to focus on the happy times tho too painful otherwise

        • Reply by Alive

          That’s so sad sorry for your loss.
          It’s amazing How music efforts us I don’t have any favourite artist or song.
          However I do listen to quite a bit of music by a group of Street singers called
          Playing For A Change( YouTube) ✌🏾

      • Reply by Lovetohelp

        Sorry for your loss…..💔😢🙏🏽

    • Reply by Chris S

      Great song

    • Reply by Carol.L

      No longer have it but remember the first ever single I bought costing 3/6 in old money I think. It was ‘I like it’ by Gerry and the Pacemakers and I played it incessantly on my red Dansette record player.

      • Reply by Marica

        I loved that song, Carol. My first purchase was Dionne Warwick’s “Walk On By” and I did not even have a record player at the time. I had about 6-7 records before I ever got the player!!

    • Reply by Marica

      Oh you have one of my favorite records there in the picture , Fluff. And yes, I still have a lot of 45’s all stored under my bed as I keep them for nostalgia . Plus some LP’s of course. I could play then m as my husband bought a record player again before he died as he had a large LP collection but I put it away last uyera,. Now I am thinking I need to get it out again to play the 45’s!!

    • Reply by Fluff

      Yep, do it ! There is nothing like the smell of vinyl in the morning ! 🙂

    • Reply by Ellie w

      Yes, Lindisfarne’s Fog on the Tyne album from 50 years ago. I can’t remember what I had for my tea last Wednesday, but I can remember virtually every word to every track on that album 😂

    • Reply by Fluff

      A classic album of it’s time, Ellie. 🙂

    • Reply by Chrissie of the island

      Loved See Emily Play, it reminds me of the summer of 67. I had a large 45 collection that I played on my dansette. Sadly our house was burgled in 69 and all my records and the player were stolen. I never bought another single after that I was too heartbroken. I had some albums and I was able to replace most of them but the singles were irreplaceable.

      • Reply by Fluff

        That’s awful, shame on them. That is the reason I never bought a brand new M’bike again. At least you have your LP’s.

    • Reply by SuseQ

      Too many to list, cd’s dont have the same nostalgia as records did.

      • Reply by Fluff

        Roger that. The hisses & crackles are a big part of vinyl,

        • Reply by SuseQ

          There was something about waiting between the needle going down and tbe record starting too. ✌️

        • Reply by Fluff

          …& the smell…or was that just me? 🙂

        • Reply by SuseQ

          All of it, Record shops 👍 were pleasurable on a saturday afternoon.

    • Reply by Lovetohelp

      Sweet 16 by Neil Sedaka given to me for my 16th birthday by my sister’s 👍🏽

    • Reply by Ian1964

      Lost my mum to covid at age 83. At her funeral she wanted ‘spirit in the sky’ by doctor and the medics:)

    • Reply by Fluff

      Sorry to hear that, Ian.

    • Reply by Gardener52

      That provoked a memory my sister is called susan and I’m clare ..Dad who is a massive music fan bought two singles .Suzanne beware of the devil – Dandy livingstone and I had clare – Gilbert O ‘ Sullivan my sisters was catchy and had great rhythm..mine was a weird one with whistling in and as a child I thought I want to be called susan 😁

    • Reply by Fluff

      The former Mrs Fluff’s Dad is called Gordon..She used to always sing ‘Gordon is a Moron (Jilted john) to him 🙂

    • Reply by Dreamyboy

      “Blinded by the light” by Manfred Manns Earth Band – lyrics are total nonsense, but it’s the first single I ever bought and always reminds me of my innocent youth.

    • Reply by Vixster

      We recently found 300+ singles in the attic. I thought my husband had binned them years ago so really pleased. I don’t have a favourite as quite diverse but ecstatic to find Bowie’s weird tracks like with Bing Crosby and Bertold Brecht’s play. They really take you back in time!