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  • do nothing!!

    The lockdown offers a chance to just be too. I do not have to clean the house, fix the garden,run,cycle,read everything, learn new skills online, zoom everyone……

    Sometimes I just do nothing and be.

    Bill Cosby  – “I am just going to sit over here and do nothing.”

    Marlon Jackson – “How do you do nothing?”

    Bill – ” well, first of all you think of something to do. Then you don’t do it”

    (From the t.v. show Diana, Diana Ross.)


    Some good music to go with it – on Youtube  – Haven’t earned a penny – Kenny Lynch.


    Posted by keithstewart
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    • Reply by bronwen_dh

      I wish! I’m still working. Had a week off last week though and being in sunny Cornwall helped 😎

    • Reply by iankavanagh

      “Fortune cannot aid those who do nothing.” Sophocles

    • Reply by tsmsilvers

      Doing nothing is fine for a short time to relax and reenergise. Too much of it is soul destroying. We all need purpose and goals to feel fully alive.

    • Reply by keithstewart


      Doing things for you – that energise and enrich you are SELFFULL. Not selfish or greedy. It is good to look after me because then I can look after others. Years of caring for my mother and being a youth worker taught me that. When I am dead there won’t be time to rest for a while because I get to see my mum and grandmother again. And we will be busy.

      I worked with a guy who was brought up with that “work hard” pressure. He fell, splintered a bone in his arm, came back the same day with it in a sling and sat there trying to type with one hand. Why?

      On my travels to Mexico, Peru and Brazil I saw people who REALLY work hard just to breathe.

      I am enjoying staring out the window, looking up at the sky, watching and listening to birds etc, etc – listening to new music – Bach, Handel – all of it refreshes and relaxes my mind. And then also builds my creativity. Lots of new ideas or energy to old ones.

      Doing nothing is a great option. I choose to just be.


    • Reply by vaughanpauline

      I got Corvid just before lockdown was put in force

      It’s been an awful nine weeks. I’ve vomited and I’ve coughed but most of all I’ve been so tired I have had to do nothing.

      Thankfully throughout it all my brains worked and I’ve been able to study.

      I sincerely wish the government had imposed lockdown two weeks earlier then the chances are I would not have lost nine weeks of my life and had to do nothing.


      • Reply by esaugadija6

        Glad you were still able to study and hoping you are feeling much better.  Getting Covid sounds so scary. Life can be so beautiful especially with the good weather and then behind this is the covid scare.  So looking forward when the threat of it is gone.  Take care.

    • Reply by markandnancy1910

      Lockdown! Use the time to listen to some seriously good music on YouTube. Not talking about today’s crap,good music I mean.Ok we all have our different tastes. Am a Simple minds fan,been listening to one their albums New gold dream!Epic !

      Glittering prize,sparkle in the rain!There up next





    • Reply by Kate

      Have found the quote I was looking for: “What is this life, if full of care, We have no time to stand and stare?” William Henry Davies 🙂

    • Reply by vinevenci2016

      I feel very alive and life is too brief and precious, to do nothing is something I’ll have time forever to do when I am dead, at the moment, to do nothing is just not an option. I just want to live and be useful, to do something. :o)

      • Reply by veronica.broome

        I agree

    • Reply by Kate

      I hear you. It takes a while to unravel and sift through all those thoughts that say you should be doing this or that, and to find which is your own voice.

      • Reply by veronica.broome

        That’s what I still cannot get used to and something inside keeps telling me I should be doing something.  I’m normally running around for other people.  Love my singles holidays “being selfish for a week” and meeting new people.  Not used being selfish for this length of time.

      • Reply by keithstewart


        How are you? It takes time and then that becomes the new normal until you find the next step. I trust in myself. I don’t need the government to make me feel safe. A bit of common sense, slowing the speed if needed and reflection. And staying focused on my plans and goals. Keith

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