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  • Do Fairytales come True?

    I am a widow and watched a film last week about a widow … it was quite a romantic film … and I ask do Fairytales come True?

    Posted by Sunshine Sandi
    • Reply by Anthonyc

      God I hope so 😇

    • Reply by Fluffy

      yes , birmingham city beat arsenal 2 – 1 at wembley in 2011 😀

      • Reply by Sunshine Sandi

        Ha Ha … made me smile …

      • Reply by Marica

        😀 😀 I can just imagine your romantic lines , Fluffy!

        • Reply by Fluffy

          i’m a hopeless romantic Marica – i try to be romantic but i’m hopeless at it ! lol

        • Reply by Marica

          😀 😀

    • Reply by loislane

      Still waiting for my prince, til then Superman will have to do.

      • Reply by Dreamyboy

        Hah! Hugh not good enough for you now eh woman?! 😪………………. 😄

        • Reply by loislane

          You’re a stand-in for superman as he keeps flying off, he’s not reliable, Hugh

        • Reply by Dreamyboy

          You are so fickle – the things I do for you……. 😆

        • Reply by loislane

          If you love me, you’d come home and make me a cup of tea…working on a list for you…

    • Reply by Sam71

      Right now I don’t think so.

    • Reply by Rowan

      I don’t know either but will say I have spent the majority of my life believing that being in a relationship is paramount only problem the wrong ones …where relationship not about me at all…I’m now 56 don’t know how that happened and actually I never realised there was a very special person in my life who I didn’t value and took for granted…ME never ever thought I would post such a comment …love ourselves…I am then told others will apparently walk into our life or literally run I hope but let’s see but in meantime I will simply be me 🤞😊…good luck though in finding a happy ending chapter x

      • Reply by loislane

        Same here, 59 and I forgot I existed

    • Reply by LeighS

      I am ever hopeful 🙂

    • Reply by VFP

      As a widow I’m not sure I will ever be able to have another loving relationship, but I would like to ‘live happily ever after’. I aim to make that happen, I just have to figure out how.

    • Reply by Kitty1969

      in films and books, yes!

    • Reply by Richard21

      Only in dreams in reality nothing is perfect especially not people we all have flaws

    • Reply by Millybee

      We can only hope , I’m 57 years young & my husband of 28 years left me in January. I really hope I can find happiness again wherever or whoever it is . I too am learning to love myself

      • Reply by Stevie C

        Hi Millybee, giving half your life to a man, that is a huge commitment and it’s a shame that it has ended, you will move on , it’s true, although a bit of a cliche , one door closes and another opens.
        I was in a long term marriage (26 years ) which ended around 8 years ago for the right reasons for us both. I found myself vegitating and took stock and realised I was very unhappy, unfulfilled and needed to move on for both our sakes…….. We have been better off for making new lives for ourselves , so be positive, be strong and good things will happen for you I’m sure of it…… feel free to message me if you would like to chat and of course there are a lot of friendly, genuine people on this site. Good luck and have a lovely evening.


      • Reply by Cullbaggie

        Hi Millybee, my wife left in December after 28 years – i am 59 years old, best advice i have been given is get out and meet people! Meetup are very good because there are groups in your area – i have joined 6 local walking groups and they all do social evenings. don’t sit at home dwelling on where you think the marriage went wrong as it will just eat you up from the inside!
        look at as his loss is someone else’s gain! and start loving yourself.

    • Reply by SelsdonLion

      What was the film called Sandi?

      • Reply by Sunshine Sandi

        Hello SelsdonLion, It was on Nextflix… I tried to look up the title of the film …. I thought that there may have been some history viewing … sorry … I am not that tech on Netflix … (my son inlaw set it up for me) for the moment I cannot recall….. If I come across it … I will let you know… not much use (sorry)…

    • Reply by Marica

      Everyone has their different ideas of a Fairytale. Many would want the white knight (if a woman!) but other women would think “you are joking, someone who does the DIY would do”. Just by joining in different things , it may happen that you are lucky but having the positive intention (as in really wanting this) but not expectation, can actually make your life a good one just for you anyway and then you give off the right vibes.. And bear in mind, fairy tales don’t last , I bet Cinders still had to do the washing up whilst prince Charming went out with the boys now and again after few years!

    • Reply by Puffin007

      No reason why not😁 you can live happily ever after if you put your mind to it👍😄

    • Reply by Fluffy

      almost , my dreams of being Mr Dolly Parton were ended by the high court injunction she took out 🙁 lol

      • Reply by Marica

        One wrong move , Fluffy, you could still have been stalking her today otherwise 😀

      • Reply by Andy Paddles

        You mean this WASN’T you Fluffy? 😉


        • Reply by Fluffy

          she said the words , but she didn’t mean them 🙁 lol

        • Reply by Millybee

          I listened to this & it made me cry . Now I’ve got to give myself a kick up the bum & play something more cheerful 😭

    • Reply by aman

      Q. do Fairytales come True?

      A. Yes, if you believe they will come true and put nothing in their way..