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    Having recently lost a oet cat we decided to bury her in our back garden.  After a few days someone or something dug her up and dumped her body in the middle of the lawn.  We reinterred her elsewhere in the garden and placed a paving slab over the top and also a stone ornament. After a week or two the body has now been dug out again and stolen.

    Has anyone else had any similar experience please?

    Posted by roycapewell7
    • Reply by helen1999

      So Sorry to hear this . must be heart breaking , we have all our five cats buried at least six feet down and that is where they still are . Your situation especially the second one sounds human involvement . I cant think any animal could move paving slab and ornament !Sorry not much help but I do feel for you xx


      • Reply by jo6

        How awful! It’s bad enough losing her without going through all that too.

        We have had all of our cremated at Cherry Tree Pet Crematorium in High Halden (near Ashford). It’s not cheap, but they provide an individual service and they really are so caring. You might like to consider that option if it happens again – and I sincerely hope it won’t.

        Many vets are now only using big corporate crematoriums unless you ask to take your little one home and make your own arrangements, but Cherry Tree are submitting plans to build an end of life facility, where they can help your pet on their way in a quiet peaceful environment with no next appointment breathing down your neck as you say goodbye. It’s just what the area needs, so I really hope it is approved.

        I can’t recommend them highly enough.