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    I have tried dating sites depressing and draining for the most part. Hve made one or two friends. I live in West London,would like to meet up wth others in London. There are many single pple but so difficult to meet a genuine honest partner. Good luck to everyone on here searching for a partner. Daz


    Posted by Daz
    • Reply by minpen21

      I agree. Sites that are free are like cattlemarkets and I resent paying for something others can get for free. Granted, it’s harder to talk to strangers without them thinking you are weird these days.. You used to be able to have a pleasant conversation with someone and not feel uncomfortable, but its different now. Its a shame,  but I guess its the sign of the times.

    • Reply by Daz


      Yes paid sites are better than free. I find even when you’re a paid member, there are many timewasters still. Our time and match have quite a lot of duplicate members. There are many over50 dating sites but still too many 50plus singles. Just wondered if anyone has had any luck wth the over 50 dating sites. Even if you’re near to singles by location it’s still hard to find a partner. Daz



    • Reply by Munsy

      Not sure of your gender but I’m happy to meet up and speak about our woes.