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  • Dating when you’re over 50

    Single for 10 yrs, I’m n old hand on dating sites. But I wondered if anyone else finds them a challenge?

    Posted by bee.bryce
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    • Reply by Kaz52

      I’ve never tried a dating site.  I did meet someone that i chatted with on Facebook. We were together for sometime but I would never meet someone off Facebook again.  Once bitten n all that.

    • Reply by Isabelle FR

      Hi, completely new to this, never been on a dating site. It’s too daunting  thanks to all for the tips. I am 55 and a widow. I have spent the last 8 years focusing on bringing up my 2 kids and keeping a roof over our head. It’s been tough. Now it’s my time. I feel ready to meet someone again. I like the outdoors and the simple things in life. I would love to meet someone kind who can make me smile and local to Manchester

    • Reply by janlee67

      I have been on and off many different dating sites found that plenty of fish is the one full of scammers and fake people. I persevered and went on Baddoo and have met someone real and honest we have been dating for 3 months now going well. Just wanted to let people know that it is not all bad xx

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    • Reply by Lilian

      Absolutely… nightmare… hate them… scammers galore….not quite the truth, age, looks etc…no photos …I could go on….

      • Reply by Guardinner

        I decided to try and find someone to share memories and laughs with again after a long break and I have to admit I tried a dating site recently. First and last time. They seem to be quite expensive, attact some (although not all I have to say) quite odd people and a LOT of fake profiles which I suspect the unwary lose a lot of money to. I have decided to just let matters take their course from now on, if it’s meant to be it will happen. I saw someone else post that we all seem to be ‘super-picky’ nowadays, I tend to agree, we all have our little flaws and foibles but getting used to living with them (and turning them into funny/humorous traits) seems to be very difficult for a lot of people now. I had to have a little smile (very naughty of me) when I noticed Lilian complained that no-one posts photos… neither do you… LOL!)

    • Reply by Deliag

      Yes i certainly do. Have u had many dates.

    • Reply by Deliag

      Same here. Which sites are u on. Im ready to give up. Which area r u from.

    • Reply by freshwaterfishingwoman

      I have used dating sites and been asked out when I was out with friends.  I think we are all super picky these days.  Truth is as you get older you know what works.  I have never chatted to a guy on a dating site who didn’t want to meet so I suspect it’s who you chose that’s the problem. We all have a type and maybe yours is someone who has the shy look and in general is shy and needs a push.  If all a man wants to do is chat rather than meet he is probably a scammer or married/attached.  Moving on is probably best for you.  The problem I have is that if I don’t want to meet a guy is how to say that without hurting or causing offence.  Mostly I make some sort of excuse if they are far away I say that …but when I read their profile I can sense if they are my type or not or if they physically just don’t attract me.  This rarely has to do with if they are handsome or not …more about height …yes I’m heightest  or they may even look like a guy I have disliked in the past …not their fault but …. one thing I can say is I have laughed a lot.  Some guys are priceless and most of them have been kind enough.  There was the one who wanted to pay for his own drink and I pay for mine …he pulled a long plastic bag out of his pocket and took coins out …looking up to see my reaction ….I bought him a drink it was too painful to watch him count.  But the date gave me good memories to write about in a story later on.  In general dating sites have supplied lots of guys and the possibility of finding the one. The fact that I found him once and he lost me is no ones fault but our own.  Bottom line just enjoy it for what it is ….and secretly keep your fingers crossed ….behind your back of course ….we wouldn’t want a guy to think you wanted him for ever now would you x.

      • Reply by Isabelle FR

        Wow! It looks like you have a lot of experience at this. Thanks for sharing a few tips.

    • Reply by Gabs

      I’ve tried dating sites in the past but never found anyone genuine, what sites would anybody recommend?

      • Reply by freshwaterfishingwoman

        They all much of a muchness …plenty of fish is fine …just don’t pick the prettiest cos everyone else does and tbh they put up great pictures …often done by professionals.  Some people are really photogenic …try to chose someone who likes what you do ….obviously there are some things that just don’t work for you ….personally height is an issue because all the shorter men I have known have issues around aggression …. generally the taller the quieter …generally …always the exception and if a shorter guy made me laugh I just take a chance assuming he’s not too far away …l woukd t want to waste his time it’s not fair.  Mostly it’s kindness that pulls anyway.

      • Reply by Deliag

        I couldnt recommend any. I think it just luck of the draw. I certainly wouldnt waste my money n join. R u local.

    • Reply by juliecheyette1968


      Divorced 7 years dont go on sites

      I bought a dog instead

      After listening to my 30 year old daughter on dating sites

      Decided to give it a miss


      Good luck

      • Reply by Guardinner

        What a shame you seem so disenchanted with the thought of finding love again, life is way too short and (just my opinion) can be so much better if you can find that certain someone with whom you can create memories to share and laugh (or cry) about as you get older.

      • Reply by rmtk65

        If I didn’t work long hours, I would have a dog too. Good idea.

    • Reply by mikemc1990

      New to this dating site thingy….Honest!  Looking or a female friend – possible realationship.

      • Reply by Kerry

        I’m about to chuck in the towel regarding dating sites. Must seem to be fakers/scammers, weird, married !

        obviously Covid hasn’t helped at all. So difficult to meet someone. When I have it appears their photo is 10 yrs old and time hasn’t been kind.

        tbh I think I’m looking for friends to go out with as friends, day trips, meals like lunches wtc.


      • Reply by Deliag

        Same. Really fed up with the scammers and time wasters. Which area r u.

      • Reply by Deliag

        Hiya i know how u feel. Which dating site are u on. Are you local.

    • Reply by Roxy420

      I tried a few dating sites and managed to figure out that a lot of men were not in it for the same reasons as I was. I am sure there is a lot of women on their sites that do the same to them. I also felt the need to push for a meeting in person in order to wheedle out the ones that were not on the same page as me. I think it’s best to go into it with a firm idea of what you want from a relationship and to be honest with yourself as well as others. I also must stress to never become emotionally attached. It’s just words on a screen. It takes a lot of mistakes before you figure out a system to wheeled the bad ones out though. People often say what they think you want to hear. I did meet someone but then COVID happened and the relationship didn’t stand the test of that time. I have given up on looking online for a like minded someone during the pandemic and I doubt I will open myself up to it again as most of it was a rather unpleasant experience.

    • Reply by Bibha

      Dating sites are disheartening to be on and do nothing for your confidence but where else can you find someone today?. Even the ones you pay for seem to have the same profiles as the free ones. I’ve been using them on and off for years. Some men have been using the same photos for years or use photos of when they were younger with hair and when they were fitter. Im 55 and what you looked like years ago has no bearing on how attracted I am to you today. I agree that some men just want to chat but I always say I dont want a penpal. The only way to find out if there is any connection is to meet.

    • Reply by rmtk65

      Hi everyone! I’m Marie. I’m on a dating site for the over 50’s at the moment, but getting nowhere. I find that most of the most popular sites are owned/run by one company.

      I’m in Scotland, so obviously we have less chance of meeting someone close, due to things like less population and wider spaces apart. People don’t seem to like travelling too far these days.  It’s quite sad when you see some eligible and suitable person in another country of the UK for instance, you contact them and they either ignore you or say you are too far away. What chance has love got? And yes there are the scammers, who are usually easily spotted.

      All in all, I have to agree that it can be a very disheartening and even depressive experience.

      Wishing you all luck if you’re still on the lookout.

    • Reply by allenpurplepaula

      I have tried dating sites and found the experience mostly unpleasant. Meeting someone is not easy especially now, fortunately I am long sighted so can see at two meters and as the ten o’clock curfew doesn’t change my life lol. Any body in the Midlands?

    • Reply by sandysan

      It’s a minefield , which app do you use , how can you be sure that who you talk to , are, who they say they are … do they tell the truth ?? Do other women give us a bad name by being free answer easy ???  Do most men just want benefits without the romance and why .. gosh so many questions … I m baffled …. to be honest …. 🥺🥺

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