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  • Dating-first date small talk, time for a little sillyness

    Ok this may (it probably will) fail but if it does not then I am guessing most entries will be from men.

    So silly ‘did you know’ or random first date conversation that will explain why we are still single!

    To start with asking if the colour orange is called orange because it is the colour of the fruit or is the fruit orange called orange because it is the colour orange?

    Or saying…did you know every odd number contains the letter ‘e’ (yep you are now checking) 🙂

    Or being asked by my date if the dress she was wearing would be attractive to other men!

    Any stories, comments, antidotes that made you or your date roll their eyes?

    Posted by Kevin1964
    • Reply by aman

      You could tell them the cormorant joke to break the ice. If they’re an ornithologist.

      • Reply by Paul_

        Please tell, Aman!

        • Reply by aman

          Well, it’s an old one but here it is:

          Two cormorants sitting on a rock ( BTW do birds sit or stand? They seem poorly equipped for sitting) one of them leans over to the other and says “do you fancy a Shag”?

          Other version:

          Question: What’s the difference between a cormorant and a shag?

          Answer: I’ve never had a cormorant.

          Either version will lower the tone nicely.

        • Reply by Paul_

          Lol, very good, Aman!

          Yes, I agree they will but if it raises a smile & breaks the ice, who cares…?!

        • Reply by aman

          Always a slight risk of a slap in the whiskers, of course.

    • Reply by Brighton Belle

      I’m a chatterbox….

    • Reply by angel12

      I usually listen first if there’s awkward silence I lead the conversation. Try not to interview the person rather talk about things you love and enjoy etc

    • Reply by Lorraine1

      “Who won the FA cup the year you were born”?

      • Reply by Mike in Chester

        What’s the FA Cup?

        • Reply by Lorraine1

          Is that a man joke or are you one of those not at all interested in football?!

    • Reply by Jacqui 26

      Or being asked for your vital statistics ….if you get what I mean .🤯

    • Reply by Sithy

      “You don’t look like your profile pic. How old were you then?”

    • Reply by Kevin1964


      • Reply by Jacqui 26

        Do they ever ! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Reply by PhilB

      “I’m just redoing my patio… got any bodies you need out of the way? There should be room for one more…..”

      • Reply by Kevin1964

        Sorry in advance…….but that reminds me of….”I have a body of an 18 year old, if you don’t believe me have a look in my chest freezer!” 🙂

    • Reply by Brighton Belle

      I’m never nervous talking to anyone male/female that’s why I use to get throw out class at School for” consistant” talking as teacher put it….

    • Reply by Chrisdmids

      Been divorced 6 year’s or so now, feels longer! Had some terrible meets! Worst was a woman turned up with what looked like egg all down her top! Think that’s what it was anyway 🥚😋😳 another was a head teacher and she made me feel like a naughty boy which was weird.
      I’m a talker but nothing worse than meeting someone you’ve chatted with online for months and dead silence!
      Given up!

    • Reply by Kevin1964

      I thought I would share a photo from my holiday collection….

      • Reply by Lorraine1