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    I am a mature, vibrant lady with strong people skills. I work effortlessly  with others  and work thoroughly and I have mastered the art  of gaining excellent results under presuure and  I am ablle to spot overlooked prospect to achieve  what I have set out to do.    I have a great sense of humour .      I have years of  experience  in customer service management.

    I have been in the UK for almost 2 years and working as a carer.  My main ability is to make my client smile each day even  when she is not up to it.  My positive ways reflects in my daily tasks.  I have a wondeful relationship with my current client and have great respect for the surroundings.

    My hobbies are water arobics, music concerts, outdoor living and reading.

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      I’ve only just joined the forum and came across your post from last December.

      I was interested to see you enjoy water aerobics – I’ve been teaching it for the past 23 years. Well, I was until Covid-19 kicked us all out of the pool!

      Have your classes started up again? The club I teach at is allowing swimming, but no Aqua classes as yet. It’s very frustrating as I can’t do much weight bearing exercise due to knee problems.

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