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  • Conversations about death!!

    Hello all,

    While relaxing and listening to the virus heavy news they happily shared a graph and statistics that showed, as a black man, I am more likely to die of this virus than everyone else. And I hadn’t even had dinner yet. The statistics rolled off the graph and the speaker ‘s tongue. 60 secs at the most. I’m calling my black, Male best friend to chat about it today. And encourage him to call another black Male friend too etc…….

    I’m very fortunate not to have some the scio-economic problems that can influence catching the virus too.

    What do you think?


    Posted by kstewart470
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    • Reply by Angelaaml

      I must say I don’t follow the news at the times when it comes on but choose to read or see it later on or at time when it suits me. I feel that the media are keen to mention and emphasise certain topics and roll with it without any background or positive spin so it isn’t helpful to anyone in the long run as this kind of ‘news’ can be alarming and causes unnecessary anxieties.

      I too am a black woman who lives and works in a community where there are few black people around, when I meet my people in the community (social distancing) they pick up on the this ‘news’ about black people being more vulnerable to the Covid-19 virus and ask what do I think about it. Well I don’t really think anything about it, I social distance and follow the additional hygiene rules so feel I protect myself as much as anyone else.

      I do think there should be some kind of focus on this with actual figures and facts; Baroness Doreen Lawrence is leading the research on this for the Labour leader and I look forward to her findings. I’m not dismissing the risks among black and Asian people there could be something in it but for me and own wellbeing I’d like to see more facts and explanations before I become ‘scared’ of the situation.

    • Reply by tracyspencerca

      I was also watching these “statistics “ of minorities being at a higher risk. We have no research as to why yet so I feel just creates more anxious thoughts and wondering why?
      My sisters husband who is from Ghana tested positive (he’s a nurse) he was told because of other genetic traits was what was putting him at risk.
      it’s all well and good we have information but what on earth do we do with it? I feel it’s going to take years for us to know exactly why it affects some more than others.
      all we can do is what ever we can with the knowledge we have right now.
      one important thing is to keep talking. Keep sharing and keep being kind to each other and ourselves.
      stay safe and stay well.

    • Reply by EricaF

      There’s so much we don’t know about this virus and it’s not understood why black men (and women) appear to be so vulnerable. I really hope NHS and scientists put some effort into investigating why it seems to effect people so differently. Stay safe!

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